Saturday, January 3, 2009


WHEW!!! the holidays are over for now, and it is hard to get back into the swing of things. Tomorrow is the day to take all the decorations down and pack them up and maybe donate some. I did manage to get away from home yesterday and go to a friends and spend the night . We sewed until 2 AM. I got to make a small bag
called Abby's Treasure Box
and then worked on a yet another tea towel. This towel has three snowman heads on it I like it

I also got most all the stitching done on the triple hanging for Winter. Started on a dish towel purse but I think we got the wrong size of handles for it. They are sweet. It was in one of the August issues of a quilting magazine. I think it was American Patchwork and Quilitng. Well my light in the sewing machine burned out . I had received a Bright Light for a gift and it sure was a nice thing to have. I like it!! I stopped on the way home and bought a new bulb plus some bobbins and bulb changer thingy!
When I get the time I will come back and say a little more Happy New year to you all from me


QuiltinRoma said...

The bag looks great Patty. I have mine ready to finish. Just didn.t do it.
Your tea towel is cute. Are you adding eyes?
Enjioy your day!!

Sandra :) said...

Cute tea towel, and the little tote is the best! KITTIES!! Very sweet, Miz Patty!