Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dec 26th,2013

the party is over. Had a very good day with family.The grand kids came over and we feasted all afternoon took a few photos and had some much needed laughs.I will just post a few pics and let them speak for the fun  time. Hope your day was a fun one too.All my grands here today are now driving. Yikes

ne as well.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas One and All

I want to wish those who celebrate a Merry Christmas!I am having some of my family here tomorrow  and some could not come as the miles are too many and the $ too few.They will be here in spirit.
Stay safe , healthy, happy and warm this joyous time  for us.also want to share a picture of a gift i mad for my great grandson Blaze
I saw these on the Internet in a DIY and decided to make them for  Blaze. I am sure he will love them.
His dad was a fan of these  turtles when he was a small boy. his daddy has some older toys  of them . It is nice to see that he too likes these guys. Put on a smile and enjoy all that you  are able to do . 
Merry Christmas   HUGS patty

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I finished something!!

I started this in November and just got it back Tuesday from the quilter. I sewed the binding today and  added my label then a sleeve. Will hang it in my Kitchen and put some of the home made ornaments on it for a photo I just hung some of the flat ones I have
received over the years from friends and groups I belong to. I really love it!!
The pattern is from Cindy Edgerton Designs a nice paper pieced pattern. The pattern can be found at her web shop

Monday, December 16, 2013

My Girlies

They are growing so quickly and having fun. I sure miss them !



Sunday, December 15, 2013

an Oath for quilter

I received this today in my email from a dear friend, It is so inspiring and meaningful . thought I would share with the rest of you. I have no idea who wrote it or sent it out. But I like it and am sharing it.
Have not done a lot of sewing. I did manage to sew a small table topper and give to a friend for her birthday.
I also received from my neighbor a couple of ornaments she made. one is a snowman and the other is  Santa. they are so cute! She does very nice work. very detailed  she is. I will take a photo and come back to post them I love them!!
Christmas will soon be here!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tree and some Leafs

Sorry for the slowdown in my posting. Life has been busy. Today was a good day. Got a new Dyson heater and cooler. The heater works great. Been on a retreat. Came home and started to clean up the sewing arena! Yep that is right the ARENA .Some days I have to put blinders on to go into it and sew. But then I can only stand that so long and have to get at it. We have some good holidays coming up. Turkey day and then Christmas. I think I will decorate the front porch this weekend as it is to be much warmer. only putting lights up for now. Will do the tree and sled later on after turkey gobble day.I will be making a few doll clothes for  a little girl I know.  I found an apron pattern I want to sew up. and of course lots of unfinished quilty things to get at yet. oh well one thing at a time. On my retreat I managed to sew a nice tree here it is  and tomorrow it goes to the quilter lady. It will be so pretty when she is done with it. I have some ornaments I made over the years and I will be hanging them on it. should be a nice duo.Have a good day or evening depending on what time you stopped by. glad you came always love company!!!
this is my rendition of Lori Holt's falling leafs quilt in her Quilty Fun book

this tree is from Cindy Edgerton  it is paper pieced and she has it in several sizes.
I bought the pattern at a vendors show in the Dayton area of Ohio. That was a good time that day

Monday, August 19, 2013

Long Break

I have had my grand daughters here for 6 weeks and so much was going on like it was hard to  concentrate. I loved being able to spend time with them. The little one Sarah is so sweet she smiles every morning when you say Hi in the morning, a doll. Arsema the older one spent a lot of time with grandma. We played  with play dough and colored and played cars and all sorts of fun things. We sat on the front porch and watched the hummers fight over the feeder. She also played on the big wheel and slide and etc.  Below is a few photos of the grand daughters. My first Allyson and the babes. Arsema chasing the neighbors dog Bella and one of grandpa holding Sarah. I have some friends coming to visit in September. They are coming from Scotland and I am so anxious to see them.  So I am readying the beds for them and we are going to go a quilting retreat as well. I am in charge of it. Love to go to the sewing retreat and visit all my friends. we are a small internet group who have been together over 10 years. and remain close . Great bunch of ladies for sure!!
sorry being so laxly  daisy this past month just been busy. also lost a close friend my neighbor gal Heather, she was a sweet lady and I admired her a lot . she was paralyzed and in a wheel chair but that never stopped her from trying things. She learned to sew and drive again and went back to teaching school . She had a heart attack and that is what she died from. Was looking forward to going to work in her new job and making another quilt. what a gal for sure!
Hugs to you all   Patty
                                                         Arsema chasing dog
Sarah enjoying gramps

Monday, July 1, 2013

My June Doll Quilt

I received my doll quilt it is so different I like it and the colors are good too. Brittoni did a good job on it. Said it was a new design of Anita Goodesigns. She also gave a cute Mouse pin cushion pattern to me. The cuties are the measuring spoons they are so dang cute.One was broke but I glued it  and still love them. just something different. here is a picture or two of the  things she sent to me.! Love it all!
Thank you Brittoni if you stop by here . All is very much appreciated. now look at this! There is a crocheted flower in the center

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Month almost Gone

I have not a clue where the days went for this month.  On june27th my son turns 50. Now that makes me feel old. I am sure he is thrilled about it too. LOL
 My swap partner for June got her quilt. She loves it! Here it is and the couple extras I gave her. the first pic is one I took and the second is the one she took of the quilt   Brittoni received it.
I have some flip flops left over and think I have to make myself one too. Love that little quilt.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My May DQ

Isn't it pretty? I love the colors they are so happy and cheerful. It came in yesterday's mail. My partner was Francine Taylor in Germany. She is a transplant from the states to there. I had sent to her the pineapple quilt with some 3 dimensional leaves.
^mine from Francine^

to Francine from me ^

Friday, May 24, 2013


I was outside a day or two ago and took some close up shots of my flowers. I love them all. I will post some photos of them here and on  Pinterest account.

                                                                 Gebera Daisy
                                                                  Pink Columbine
                                                                 Purple Columbine
                                                                     another view of Clematis

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mail in Ohio and Germany

 Oh my look at the sweetness I got in the mail. my girls in the dresses I made for them around Easter
Plus a nice photo of the family
Sarah Patricia
                                                             Sarah and sister Arsema
The family  I love this one!!

                                                             Arsema and Sarah MR. Bear
                                                               I love these photos

 My May doll quilt has arrived at it's new home. I am so glad it got there. It did not take that long I mailed it out 1st class last Monday and it got there today. Yippee I am happy  happy. I think I have a photo of it finished so I can now post it here.I was told to watch the mail for mine from her  Francine I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Year Of Doll Quilts

                                                                      to Sharon 4/2012
from Sharon 4/2012
Lizzie 5/2012
from Lizzie 5/2012

to Jennifer 6/2012
From Jennifer 6/2012

to Mary Pat 7/2012

from Mary Pat 7/2012
to Trish 8/2012
from Trish 8/2012
To Kris 9/2012

from Kris Young 9/2012 

to Mary Chow 10/2012

from Mary Chow 10/2012
to Loretta C 11/2012
from Loretta C. Nov/2012

to Joni R 12/2012

from Joni R. 12/2012

to Vickie S 1/ 2013
from Vicki S. 1/2013
To Lee Hayes 2/2012
from Lee Hayes 2/2012
to Sheri St 3/2013
from Sheri S. 3 /2013
All Of the ones for the 1st year of swapping thanks everyone I have enjoyed it immensely.
I have 2  new ones and 3rd due this month Will keep the photos in order if I can