Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cold and Sewing

This past couple days I have been hold up in the sewing area. It is so cold who wants
to go out in it.???
Not me! So I have taken this time to sew up a new quilt top. I am post the picture of it  only the center am working on the borders yet. This is from the Missouri Star  Quilt videos on You Tube.
The name of it is Disappearing Pinwheels. I am having a great time recreating mine.
 This afternoon I plan to make the small pinwheels for border. see how far I can get on them.
In the meantime all stay warm and busy and in stitches.   HUGS

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some Sewing and Frustration

First Happy New year to you all. Boy those holidays went by fast to me!
I have come across a small quilt parts box. I love the colors and the fabrics. So thought I need to jump on this and sew it together, yep I do need to. Well started to sew the triangles together and looking great then I needed to add the plain triangle in between the others with the pretty prints. the solid ones were too big. what did I do  wrong?  I called the gal who taught the class and ask what I might be doing to cause this. Not much luck, but she did say she will try to bring the book  down on Friday and I can meet with her to pick that up. Maybe I am missing some tip or something. Okay in meantime I am trying other things to figure it out I am impatient you know. I managed to sew three half sections together and they look real nice. so that is as far as I got. I need to UN-sew the first  three blocks and see what needs to be adjusted on them. I hate to think of throwing them out, not me. I am also persistent when I know something will work and I just need to find out what that something is to make it all so easy!@ may take me a few more times but I will get it figured out. Here is the blocks I am sewing together. They are so pretty. I know I will love it when it is all sewn and usable.
The fabrics I am using are 30's reproductions they make me happy and feel good.The second picture is the parts just laying next to each other. Anyway I will now get the last strip of them I sewed and post it for you to see, the bottom 3 are the latest ones I have sewn. stay tuned will post a gain soon.

Thanks Patty