Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday and family

Today is Grandson, Charles' 15th year. He is quite a nice young man. We gave him some $ and bought him a docking station with radio and clock for his Ipod nano. He is very happy with them both. The family stopped over this evening and we visited. They also had the great grandson, Blaze here. Tomorrow in the morning about 8:30 they will have 8th grade graduation. Charles will be in this one and then after that 5th grade ceremony so we shall get up and attend them both. Ally is graduating from 5th grade. So strange we never had any of this. Oh well life goes on. I have some sewing to get to but it has to wait until next week. I am sure it will. I did get some small things sewn this week nothing major though. I sure have plenty to get caught up on.
I am signing off for now will report back in tomorrow after graduation ceremony. tat until then

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome Rain

Woke up to rain this morning. ahh it is cooler as well.
I have been doing a little sewing not much to speak of. I am mainly concentrating on cleaning up my many messes. Crafters always have messes or they would be dull and boring people. Most creators work with lots of debris around them! LOL We drive with it everyday and we are used to it dodge this and swerve and etc. Same applys to our sewing area. LOL I will post a few pictures soon of the cleaning process. now please no comments on that mess just yet.
Had a great memorial weekend. I salute our soilders they do a great job for us all!!! I also went to graduation celebration and then we came home. just sat around and finally decided to wash Dads car. Then had to stop by the DQ for a cone. I will be back later on and type more to all of your bloggers. Tat for now.

Friday, May 15, 2009

she has her interview

Yeah My DIL will be having her interview and soon be able to come and live in the USA. I am so excited about her. I am hoping by July she will be on her way to here. woohoo!!
stay tuned more to follow