Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pictureless Turkey Day greetings

Thanksgiving is winding down. I had some family over some are missing due to  health reasons and others not up to so much talking. But for those who came we enjoyed the afternoon and good food. We did miss the guys and even some of the grand kids are out of state so felt  a bit empty.
The dishes are all done and put away. yay!! that helps . my hands are feeling the effects of the water and dish soap splitting  on the edges of the nails boy they hurt!

 Hope you all enjoyed the  day and had a some memories made. The weather has been good for us too.  take care all and enjoy your  shopping if you do that  I prefer to stay home  but will venture to JA's tomorrow morning for a couple things!
Tata for now  Patty

Sunday, October 1, 2017

it is Fall and my taste buds are calling for pie

I been baking today  one of my favs Pumpkin pie. hubby went to get some whipped topping for it. gosh do they smell great. I am hoping to make a couple of apple pies tomorrow and maybe freeze one for later. Son Robert will stop by in the morning to get himself to a piece or two. it is one of his favs too. I got some sewing in last week I volunteered to make the first baby girl of 2018 a quilt . so the top is sewn and I have the backing fabric picked out so next off to the quilter. This week. I am hoping to find time to make a couple bibs and maybe a couple burp cloths  for Mom.    here is a photo of the 2 pies I made today

until next time have a great day  all

Hugs patty

Friday, August 25, 2017

eclipse viewing

 Hello and what an event it was. I was able to attend a viewing of this in Sullivan MO\..Was with a group from all over the USA and one from the UK. it was so cool and emotional as well. I have some pics that were taken through a telescope lens so not the best. but a person in the group made a video of it from start to ending  that was so exciting to see. Well I will upload them to my main computer then post them here for you to see, sorry for now  I will be back with the pics and a link to the video he took.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


The Christmas quilt belonged to her Jane she has passed now  a year and 1/2 already/
Sure do miss her chatting and laugh and fun 

Today I managed to get 2 bindings  on  quilts.  One is Jane's and it is her last one to have been quilted  I will take it to her hubby. It came out super nice It is a quilt along by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet. Mine is yet to be s finished this fall I am hoping. The second quilt I finished up today is my French Roses using Kate Spain fabrics.. I absolutely love it! 
I also have two others that need to be bound One is a heart quilt and the other is my African tile floor. So pretty and exciting really.  here is some pictures of the quilts that I  spoke of.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


did some sewing this evening. wanted to change up a tad so I made some throw pillows for my TV room. I want to make a few more but for the bedroom and maybe the guest room have to see  what kind of fabric I have on hand . I also bought some new chairs  they are used  and new to me. they are super comfortable and just right for me. 
 I got these for a real good price and hauled them back with me from NC last week.
I was there visiting my 2 sisters in Weaverville. what a great time I had .
Got to visit their new quilt shop  two days in a row a really nice shop  .Called  Five Little monkeys in downtown Weaverville. If in the area worth the detour or stop! Pay them a visit you will be in awe of their place

until next time