Saturday, January 28, 2017

Quite the Fisherman

A friend of mine has a son who loves to fish here is a link to see the fish he has caught and some records he holds

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Need to get Back on Track

Morning and please bare with me  until I can get back on schedule. I love to read the blogs still and yes Instagram  and Pinterest have taken a lot  away from the blogland. I will stay here a while longer.

I have lots of things I need to finish  and some need to be quilted. I just enjoy the process of making the quilts. Choosing colors and textures and planning it all out to the  quilting and the finale binding and labels.
I started this journey back in September of 1977 with my sister Billie. We took a class in Southgate MI. at the local high school. I have my first block  I will dig it out and post a photo of it. mind you I did not choose the color or fabrics. It was what I was given.  My sister and I  did sew clothes in the beginning but I have stayed with the quilt making .It is a true passion I guess. I was 33 years of age when I began this  trip! I have learned so much and it excites me  yet. Love to watch it all come together.  Figure out the problems and draft up sizes and etc. So this is a great hobby for me.  I know my hubby is happy for me  but he does not  get too thrilled over the new quilts LOL You know most say seen one quilt you seen them all. Not true!! They are all different even when using the same pattern and the same fabrics, not the same  but similar. I am hoping to get some finishes this year! I will post pics as they are finished   should be a fun year. I did do some things at the end of this past year. I have some photos  I will put on here sometime soon.  In the meantime  enjoy your day and get in some sewing time or crafting whatever your hobby is.
Until next time

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hello once again I am getting more lazy. But truly I am here. I have been sewing on a  quilt  by Red Crinoline called Fall Mystery. So far they have posted 6 blocks it comes out every week. the blocks are small  and so pretty. her directions are wonderful! and the blocks come out near perfect in the size depends on your personal sewing LOL  they are to be 6 1/1 inch unfinished and mine are all really good in size. Here is a photo of the first 5 and I think there is 3 more to make then we  sew them together to make a small quilt or a table topper   will be a very nice one. I am really liking smaller things these days.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Howdy Howdy, been making jams and trying some new recipes this past week. Today I used some of my frozen peaches from last season and made Jam. I tasted it  is delicious.
Made some cabbage soup  called unstuffed cabbage, LOL had some cumin and crushed red pepper but it is tasty to me I like it. Then next was a peach upside down coffee cake. It was wonderful and the recipe made 2  cake. Plus I have made a batch of strawberry jam red raspberry 2 batches and black raspberry one  then 2 black berry and  the last is the peach. next will be some apple butter!!
I love to make the jams . Oh and least I forget I made a blackberry cake. just cooking away it seemed last couple weeks!
No we do not eat all the jam as i give as gifts at the  holiday season time. along with fudge  cookies and etc.
 here is a couple pics of the foods

                                         Black raspberry and red raspberry jam

peach jam made today
                                                              Picked blackberries
                                                             My favorite blackberry cake
                                                        Peach upside down coffee cake

Monday, July 18, 2016

So they are not happy in Cleveland at the Q some are very upset. Me I am planning some sewing time LOL . I may work on a few string blocks for an exchange I  am in for October. I need to make 22 blocks  each person will receive 2 blocks form me and I will get 2 from them. should be a good one.
 I have also sewn a dress for our grand daughter Sarah Patricia and there is a sun hat to go with it. the fabric is Shopkin's  I believe there is enough left over to make a tote bag to go with  I know the girls will love them!! I have to cut and sew Arsema's as well. I am excited over them. Lol
 They are wrap around dresses  for summer so I got to get busy and mail them out very soon. My girls are getting big Arsema is 5 yrs old and Sarah will be 4 in November. Didn't those years fly by!!
Little sister will coming to Ohio the last week this month  will meet up with her and 3 of our other sisters for a lunch date. July 28th That will be fun always like to see and visit with them all.
                                                 Arsema and Sarah
                                                          My lovely's
girls clowning around
                                                      Arsema with mothers day card

                                                    Great grandson Blaze
                                             back of dress for Sarah
                                           The hats will be out of this white fabric. only bigger
                                                      our oldest grand daughter Allyson she graduated this year hard to believe I am getting that old already!!
 Love them all