Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Happy Dance

So Happy  yesterday I finally got the 4 panels sewn to make a coat for my Grand daughter Arsema.
She likes purple and is turning 7 this month.  I have sewn somethings twice and had to remove and flip it around so I feel like i have sewn the panels 2 times LOL  I was trying to keep the same fabric away from its self.,hard to do some times But I am delighted with the colors and  will now get to do the quilting on hers. I have a second set to sew for the sister Sarah. She will be 6 in November.
They will be coming here  to spend the summer with their daddy and I. I will send the coats home with them at that time. I think they will be here from end of June to late august. 
I guess I will get the other 3 pink ones sewn  soon.
Tata for now

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Afternoon All,
 Today is kitchen day. I have cleaned the fridge side of  the refrigerator and now to the freezer side . It is amazing what a person can find in there.
 It needs it, so raining and turning cold now . Why not do it now so when the sun does come for a visit I will be able to go outdoors and enjoy it! On Monday I did the carpet in the kitchen, because hubby spilled a whole bottle of root beer on the floor so why not .
 I have been sewing on coat panels for my grand daughters as well. Plus got my guild sewing finished for the next meeting.  I feel like I am doing  good.
 No pictures today  maybe tomorrow I will post a few, in the mean time have to get to  the freezer and clean it out .
Tata for now .

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Good morning
 been in an all weather type for 24 hours. crazy!!  I was sickly for 3 days  this week and am still a bit under the weather.,Nausea and headache mostly and a bit of  erupt now and then. I am now on prednisone for the next 5 days yet. Yay for that it does help So not much sewing going on for me at this time or anything else for that matter .I will feel better soon .
 So i hope you all have faired well with the latest snow spring weather. The cold is bad we had winds pretty good most of the night. 
 Hubby is outside  using the snow thrower to clear the driveway and sidewalk.
I will be back later to  let you know if I get to do any sewing or messing up 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A New year 2018 day 2

Well It is cold every where in the states! The big Chill is on. I am doing what everyone seems to be doing  organizing and putting Christmas away. most of that part is done. I want to straighten up my sewing  room . Seems that is the thing to do each January. .LOL I have several things I want to finish this year  and lots planned to do as well. anyway I am going to try to thin things out again maybe this is the year it will get completed! The year of the rooster so I might get to do the big CROW  over the  thinning out stuff. Wish me luck!
So I do not make resolutions never have.  I have printed out a  UFO  planner to list 12 things to work on . One new one each month. I am so fickle when it comes to my sewing  but then I can stay with things I absolutely want  to use. so like most  quilters I do think. 
I am working on a couple kids spring coats for my grand daughters . I am using Gail Abeloe Heart Warming jacket for kids to make them. One is going to be rich Purples  and the other will be a bright pink raspberry. . I sew some things for them easy of course..
 Well worked yesterday on decorations and storing them back in their place ,today is go through some other boxes and reward myself with a little sewing tonight.
stay warm all 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pictureless Turkey Day greetings

Thanksgiving is winding down. I had some family over some are missing due to  health reasons and others not up to so much talking. But for those who came we enjoyed the afternoon and good food. We did miss the guys and even some of the grand kids are out of state so felt  a bit empty.
The dishes are all done and put away. yay!! that helps . my hands are feeling the effects of the water and dish soap splitting  on the edges of the nails boy they hurt!

 Hope you all enjoyed the  day and had a some memories made. The weather has been good for us too.  take care all and enjoy your  shopping if you do that  I prefer to stay home  but will venture to JA's tomorrow morning for a couple things!
Tata for now  Patty