Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot and Getting Hotter

 We are in for some warm temps  and then maybe a cool down. In the mean time i have gotten in some sewing. trying to stay cool. The basement has felt pretty good in this heat. I have made a new some of the part for the new quilt. We are getting anew grand daughter in Dec. around the 2nd.Just found out today it will be a girl. I have started her quilt. here is a photo of it thus far Her name will be Sarah Patricia.  the next few photos of are a flower hexagon quilt that I started  many years ago it is all hand pieced and i think there is 2 more rows to be sewn onto it.!! I love the design of it but not wild about the colors of the flowers. oh well  tis almost done. Looking forward to making a some small hexagon quilt blocks soon. After I finish sewing the quilt top together. so maybe i can get it quilted out and ready to give to the mommy. thanks for stopping by  enjoy your visit.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

some pictures of the aprons

I got a couple pictures taken of the aprons they are so dang cute Like to make them,  She my granddaughter will be coming to visit us soon. I am so excited .
I also received my doll swap quilt for June from  my partner Jen it is so cute and fits the doll bed great! here is also a photo of it.. I have anew one almost ready to send I need to finish the applique' then it is done. I like it too. will post a picture of it after the gal Mary Pat in Wisconsin receives it from me so it may be a week before I can post it here.
 the link to these aprons is on the post before this one.