Sunday, November 30, 2008

My little men hangin out

I have just finished the ornaments for the swap yippee and now tomorrow they all have to take ride with the post office to find their new home and a place to hang out! They were so fun to make and I have a couple more different ones I am going to make for the neighbors. what cute little guy!! this is a tree I use but it is not ready by any means. I just dug it out and need to clean it up and put lights on it and all the other decorations this is just to hang for the picture. sorry for the messiness.

dust is clearing today

another one bites the dust.
Well have been working on this tote for a couple days. I really feel like I should have 3 of these dones, sewn it together a few times.I like the final outcome and hope the person who receives it will like it as well. I will find out next Monday if she or he does. It is one from Fons and Porter magazine Easy Quilts Summer 2008 . I may be back later on if I should get anymore sewing done today.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Electric Stove

Well here it is it is a beauty. I really like it and the big bird was a grand hit everyone said it was one of the best I had ever made! woohoo!!!

So enjoy the photo's

Hello again, I have returned from shopping and found a couple nice things for grandkids I think so anyway. I also took a couple new photos to post of the projects I have made to swap. I will post them now before I forget. so here is the Christmas Block Challenge from my group ABCQuilters

This is the ornament I made to swap out for this year.

The bag it is laying ontop of is for my other exchange.
Will post a picture of my new stove later tonight or tomorrow until then -------

Friday, November 28, 2008

Talk about stuffed?

Well, long time no post, sorry about that. had a lot going on lately. Had to do some sewing and prepare for the Thanksgiving family gathering. we had changed propane gas company, and our kitchen range had a leak in it somewhere. Soooo we went out and bought us another stove. We had had propane cooking and then the new one is electric . Now I am not cooking with gas!!! hehe
We did the shopping for it on Tuesday then I got he house cleaned and prepared thew pies and etc. I think the turkey was very good and so did the family. They all said it was one of the best they have eaten. So heehaw for me and the cooking!
I think I went to bed on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning about 2:30 Am
I awoke about 8 AM and remained awake until after midnight!! I was wore out and sleep very well.
I will post a couple pictures of the sewing I have completed. One is of the Christmas block swap I was in on a yahoo group I belong to . Well I have to find the photo on the computer then I will post it. I moved some things on here and now will have to locate the photos. I have been in a duh stage today . See you all later on today

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Learning day
I have learned to attach my signature to my blog.Woohoo! I got my signature from
I will be back later on in the day
tata for now

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miserable Day

I woke up this morning with an upset stomach. Then looked out the window and there is snow covering everything. Hubby went out and took a couple pictures . Here is our home looking back from the road.
Our son who resides with us for now said he woke up about 4 AM and looked out the bathroom window and there was a big Buck in the backyard. I wish I could have seen him.
After being awake for a couple hours and laying on the sofa with a glass of 7UP and ate a piece toast I felt good enough to get up and move about.
I went to my studio and began to sew on some blocks I had to get made and in the mail . They are stockings for a paper piecing yahoo group I belong to. I needed to make 6 stocking . I made the 6 and one for me. Now to mail them out tomorrow.I am keeping one of them for myself. I must decide which one before mailing them out.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Well I sure hope I have done this right. Been a while trying to decide what I want
to use for my signature on here.
I did the preview and yippee it is right woohoo thanks to the livesignatures

Starting and finishing things

Hello today is a big day here I am starting my goal of the de-cluttering around my home. I have been keeping away too much . I have to get a handle on it now and make it a daily thing to do. My hardest part is what to do with the things I do not want and where should it go to. I seem to think that someone or the kids will want that one day. well I have to stop being the storage building for this kind of stuff. I am on a mission to get rid of a bunch of items. I will ask the kids when I have some gathered up do you want this if so take it now or it gets donated. The paper trail is very hard too. I find papers on the table daily and I ask are these important if so put them away. Do you need them? Ha I get a lot of dirty looks on that.

Yes I have plenty in my sewing area to de-clutter but the main house deserves the best first!!

I figure I can sort and pile and bag during this winter and then come the first nice day haul it all out!!!!!! woohoo that will be a rejoicing moment for all us .

Here is a picture of my latest set of Place mats for my dinner table over Christmas. Enjoy all and a great day whatever you get to do.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Food and great Company

As promised here are some pictures of the things I have sewn this past few days

This is one the small wall hangings I have been working on for this year for my home. I have to layer and quilt it then add some things to it.

This is the winter table runner for my table come January. It is done Batiks mostly. I saw it in a magazine and made one for myself I liked it that much!

The set below is for a friend for her birthday. I am sure she will love it

The light green is the fabric my quilt guild had for this years challenge. I used it it to make a set of place mats. I really like them a lot.

Had company most of the day.
Made some good "Cinnabon" muffins.
We had a nice pork roast, mashed potatoes, white corn, and musical fruit for the guys in the house!
Once that was done I got to sew a little bit.
Did not do much on the Internet today as was doing the Norton thingy which takes forever it seems! I did take a few pictures of the things I have been sewing the last couple days. I have to get busy on a few ornaments for friends and family.
Plan my big Thanksgiving Day meal and seating too. The family is all coming to see me woohoo!!! I hope to get through it without much ado. Will get the picture posted and chat more tomorrow. have a great evening.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Should be in bed

Wow the days are so much shorter. Got a good taste of winter and what is to come soon. I still have to take the pictures of the projects I have completed yesterday.
I have trouble some nights getting to sleep so I come and visit the computer. I do believe it is the medicine I am on that keeps me from sleeping like I should.
I have added a couple of my favorite blogs to my blog, have a look at theirs and you will see I am way behind. I will get better as time goes on I hope so.
Good Night for now.
off to bed Quilter000

Cold Blustery day

This month has flew by. I am so behind again. I have been sewing most of the day. I have gotten 2 things sewn and ready to layer one is small. The other is a table runner in winter shades of blues. They both came out good. I need to take a couple pictures and will post them tonight soon.
It has been so crazy weather and rainy and snowy and warm in the morning then cold tonight. I was awakened with a horrific headache this morning. Finally it left and I was able to concentrate on a few things that I needed to get to done. I will be back later to post my pictures of my projects.
thanks have a great evening.