Friday, May 25, 2012

Doll Quilt arrived in Sweden

 I got a message that Doll Quilt has arrived safely to its new home in Sweden. I am so happy she is delighted and normally does not like pastels but this is showing her how she can use them, she stated . Here is what I had made for her and sent . Now I am planning on the one for June. I have the pattern  in my head and am drawing it on graph paper next is the cutting and checking to be sure my measurements are correct. These are fun.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beautiful Day

It is so pretty outside and the weather is warming up big time this weekend.You have seen the Doll quilters link on the side well I got a sneak peek of the one that is made for me this month and it is making a journey all the way from Sweden. I am so excited to see it. I had made one for her and it should be there this weekend  and I would think by Monday she would have it in her little hands.
Oh will be fun time for us both. I am already planning on the one for June. I have my design picked and will get busy on it real soon. Have a good day all of you wonderful people who visit me. I love company!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Couple New Pics of Mom and Arsema

Arsema in the sand

Love the expression

                                                         Mommy and daughter.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Win for ME

I did not get a bingo but I was drawn for the random prize. woohoo. I am thrilled. Thanks Tonya and Richard who donated the prize. What a great Me Day. 
This is from Hillbilly Handiworks
OH--I know what I can do. Let's have a Cheer-Me-Up random drawing! Oh, FUN!! This drawing will be for the second MYSTERY charm pack from Richard. Are you ready??


If you don't know who you are number 71; HERE IS YOUR BLOG!

Wow, I feel so much better! That was fun :)
  I  went to visit and stitch with a friend this afternoon. Had a very nice time.She and I are doing  a stitchery  quilt"A Gardener's Journal" .
  It started to rain so I came home and now the sun is out again. I have some flowers to be planted in a container. so will do that next.
Taking hubby in the AM for his colonoscopy test. then come home in the early afternoon and  rest some. what a time he is such a good patient, has these more often than most people do.
Well thanks for coming by I am happy today.