Sunday, February 26, 2012


                                          the fabrics I chose for the reversible table runner

I had a class on Saturday made this awesome reversible table runner. I will show you the fabric and then the completed top. I am very happy with it. Hubby likes the pink side better. I like both sides . Have been too busy to post as of late but hopefully next week I can get back on track and stay on top of things. It just seems this has been a crazy couple weeks  maybe it has been the weather that has thrown us all of. Sure was a weird winter in Oh HI O. well anyways here is the fabrics I chose to make the runner with

Friday, February 3, 2012

Great Day

Had great day today. Did some sewing . I have made a new outfit for Arsema. A very cute wrap dress by It will be cute on her when the weather warms up. She is turning 1 year old soon,March 14th. My how this year has gone by so quickly.Her dad told me tonight she said Bye bye to him as he left for work today.So she is beginning to say words. Tomorrow is Saturday, hubby will go out to breakfast with the buddy of his. I will sleep in.Then get up and do the chores for me ,Might get in some grocery shopping tomorrow. My eyes are very tired and I need to get some rest.. In the meantime here is a picture or two of the cute outfit. I still need to put the waist elastic in . I have to buy it as I do not have the size even close the one I need. This dress is reversible and so is the hat. have a great evening and will chat again real soon thanks for coming by my place today. I so enjoy the company!