Friday, May 24, 2013


I was outside a day or two ago and took some close up shots of my flowers. I love them all. I will post some photos of them here and on  Pinterest account.

                                                                 Gebera Daisy
                                                                  Pink Columbine
                                                                 Purple Columbine
                                                                     another view of Clematis

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mail in Ohio and Germany

 Oh my look at the sweetness I got in the mail. my girls in the dresses I made for them around Easter
Plus a nice photo of the family
Sarah Patricia
                                                             Sarah and sister Arsema
The family  I love this one!!

                                                             Arsema and Sarah MR. Bear
                                                               I love these photos

 My May doll quilt has arrived at it's new home. I am so glad it got there. It did not take that long I mailed it out 1st class last Monday and it got there today. Yippee I am happy  happy. I think I have a photo of it finished so I can now post it here.I was told to watch the mail for mine from her  Francine I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Year Of Doll Quilts

                                                                      to Sharon 4/2012
from Sharon 4/2012
Lizzie 5/2012
from Lizzie 5/2012

to Jennifer 6/2012
From Jennifer 6/2012

to Mary Pat 7/2012

from Mary Pat 7/2012
to Trish 8/2012
from Trish 8/2012
To Kris 9/2012

from Kris Young 9/2012 

to Mary Chow 10/2012

from Mary Chow 10/2012
to Loretta C 11/2012
from Loretta C. Nov/2012

to Joni R 12/2012

from Joni R. 12/2012

to Vickie S 1/ 2013
from Vicki S. 1/2013
To Lee Hayes 2/2012
from Lee Hayes 2/2012
to Sheri St 3/2013
from Sheri S. 3 /2013
All Of the ones for the 1st year of swapping thanks everyone I have enjoyed it immensely.
I have 2  new ones and 3rd due this month Will keep the photos in order if I can 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grandsons and prom Night

CJ and Sol had their prom this past weekend. They sure looked nice and great looking dates. I am going to post a few photos of them and their girls. The names of their girls are Krista is CJ's she is in yellow  as is he. Courtney is Solomon's  girlfriend for 7 months is in the white in the

                                                                CJ and Krista
                                                              Courtney and Solomon