Sunday, July 24, 2016

Howdy Howdy, been making jams and trying some new recipes this past week. Today I used some of my frozen peaches from last season and made Jam. I tasted it  is delicious.
Made some cabbage soup  called unstuffed cabbage, LOL had some cumin and crushed red pepper but it is tasty to me I like it. Then next was a peach upside down coffee cake. It was wonderful and the recipe made 2  cake. Plus I have made a batch of strawberry jam red raspberry 2 batches and black raspberry one  then 2 black berry and  the last is the peach. next will be some apple butter!!
I love to make the jams . Oh and least I forget I made a blackberry cake. just cooking away it seemed last couple weeks!
No we do not eat all the jam as i give as gifts at the  holiday season time. along with fudge  cookies and etc.
 here is a couple pics of the foods

                                         Black raspberry and red raspberry jam

peach jam made today
                                                              Picked blackberries
                                                             My favorite blackberry cake
                                                        Peach upside down coffee cake

Monday, July 18, 2016

So they are not happy in Cleveland at the Q some are very upset. Me I am planning some sewing time LOL . I may work on a few string blocks for an exchange I  am in for October. I need to make 22 blocks  each person will receive 2 blocks form me and I will get 2 from them. should be a good one.
 I have also sewn a dress for our grand daughter Sarah Patricia and there is a sun hat to go with it. the fabric is Shopkin's  I believe there is enough left over to make a tote bag to go with  I know the girls will love them!! I have to cut and sew Arsema's as well. I am excited over them. Lol
 They are wrap around dresses  for summer so I got to get busy and mail them out very soon. My girls are getting big Arsema is 5 yrs old and Sarah will be 4 in November. Didn't those years fly by!!
Little sister will coming to Ohio the last week this month  will meet up with her and 3 of our other sisters for a lunch date. July 28th That will be fun always like to see and visit with them all.
                                                 Arsema and Sarah
                                                          My lovely's
girls clowning around
                                                      Arsema with mothers day card

                                                    Great grandson Blaze
                                             back of dress for Sarah
                                           The hats will be out of this white fabric. only bigger
                                                      our oldest grand daughter Allyson she graduated this year hard to believe I am getting that old already!!
 Love them all

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Well Hello! man how does the time slip by so fast.? It has been a busy year and  life is good. I managed to sew a few wallets for sister. It is very HOT here and muggy, but hey it is summer after all! LOL I am working on some embroidery that has been laying around for a few years. I did finish one of them this past weekend. yay for me. I want to make some blackberry jam but am waiting on the berries to ripen. then it is peaches and good jam from them! I think they both will come in around the same time. Hope you all are busy sewing, quilt making,
or just enjoying your summer days. For now will sign off and get to the house work just a little of it.
two of my sisters and myself this past week had some breakfast together. JoAnne on the left and me in the middle and Billie Sue on the right