Wednesday, November 21, 2012

gobble! gobble! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Welcome all you Turkeys. Aren't these cute.? daughter came over tonight and assembled them for us all tomorrow. The kids will all get one, I made some more of the delicious apple pie bites and 2 pumpkin pies. So the dinner will be great tasting and all will be full..Son's wife is sick with sore throat and cough and will not get to come. She sounded bad. So she is staying at her moms and he will take them a plate of food tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is to be very warm for us here in Ohio and then comes a cold blast to let us know  he is coming and it will be soon lol Winter that is. Sometimes he arrives before the turkey does. Have a safe and happy holiday with your family and enjoy your time together. Lets give thanks to our great creator GOD and thank him for all things.  GOD bless and  thanks for coming by here today!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peg Board

I worked all afternoon on it. I sorted through all that I had hanging on it and decided that some of it had to go! This is the finished wall and I am proud of it. Look at all those rotary cutters. I must have the first one I ever bought. NOT!  I have gotten  them over the years and  just keep them. I am sure I will donate some to new sewers soon. That room is going to get done this year! I have said that for the last several years. So it is time!@! This is the electric pole hubby built for me and the machines. see in the background the messy wall well below that picture is the clean and organised wall.
Now tomorrow I will start on another area of the room. and with lots of luck I can get it done this winter.!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My retreat projects

Below is the photos of the items I have almost finished. Have to add the buttons and bind the snowmen. Quilte the ornaments out and the last snowman needs the last border. then quilt and bind  I like them all.  Thanks for coming by today. I am heading out to get my sewing machine insert this afternoon it is in woohoo!!

Long Time No Post

Oh My  been a while since my last post. Well I have been busy. Cleaning out the sewing Arena. This past weekend I was at a quilt  retreat.Had a wonderful time.Made a couple new  wall hangings and got a couple other things almost finished. I am pleased with what I did get done. We usually take a treat to share. 
  I took some  "Sweetie Pie Pops" by  Best Bites.
They are delicious and easy to make . They are like small pies. I made apple. yummy yummy!! I will make them again and again!! Bookmark their site for great recipes and easy meals.
I will take some photos of the things I did get to at the retreat later tomorrow.. Had guild tonight.I was asked to bring my twister rulers and samples . I did and then I was called
on to tell all about them. Yikes was not expecting that, but I got through it.Was a good meeting. The program was Rulers Rulers everywhere. who knew how many rulers there are. Seems everyone who writes a pattern or book have their very own rulers too.  Off to the good ole bed and whooped . CU all today later on.