Friday, May 27, 2011

Going to visit

Hi to those of you who read me now and again. I am heading out to Washington state this Monday and will be off the computer. Should be too busy playing with my grand daughter and DIL and son to be on the computer. Have a safe holiday and enjoy life to the fullest in all you do. Thanks to the service men and women who protect this country and all of us. GOD bless them and keep them safe! THANK YOU!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Very Busy Few Days

 Well,have been very busy and happy too. Have had the kitchen and our 1/2  bath  repapered. They look wonderful. Love the colors and am so anxious to get the new curtains made for the windows. My time is running a tad short. On May 30th I get to fly to Washington state and meet my new grand daughter for the first time. I am so thrilled to be going. She was born on March 14th and will turn 3 months while I am there.!! Can't believe it  she is growing way too fast.I think she will be at a good age to be able to reach  and begin to play a little bit. Such a sweetie she is.
I am going to post a few photo's of the new paper and let you see why I am so happy! Last year I bought some Hazel Atlas dishes and they will go great with the new paper Had not thought about until yesterday They are yummy together. Without futher ado here are the photos.  Better photos coming    Thanks for coming by. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Arsema talking to Daddy

Well my new grand daughter is chatting with daddy a little bit this morning. I am so tickled to be going out to spend some time with them all. Here is her talking to daddy so cute. love how she leads him on then does what he wants. Haha
Wanted to say my hubby is doing great on the Jeorge Cruise eating plan. He has had trouble off and on with esophagus and the Dr. told him to get this book and it would be his bible for the next month. He is doing well. has lost about 12-13 lbs and now waist has lost a total of 5 inches. fantastic!! way to go Charlie my dear. Love you!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tis finished

Hello I have finally finished this heart quilt it turned out really cute.I am really pleased with it.. Had a guild meeting on Monday  and the man who I had do the quilting had it done gave it back to me . I was thrilled and I went to work on the binding right away. I got the pattern from the blog "A Little Bit Biased".
She had done it for the MBS  named "Candy Hearts" and I was hooked."
 I am now going to concentrate on the kitchen to have it ready for the paper hanger on Monday.
Going to Shiloh tomorrow with my neighbor . We are going to stop at a place to eat Lyn Way and then on to the quilt shop  Country Fabrics she is looking for a fabric. I was invited to ride along LOL
Should be a fun day I just love to PICK cotton!!!!!!!!!
Chat later i am still locating my two photos I wanted to post  before so stay tuned 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

This is a tough time for me most years, I just wish I had my mother to share it with. But I do not. What a lovely lady she was. Sometimes it is hard to read to the cards and I cry ,but I too am a mother and grandmother. and a great grandmother.  I see my Mom's picture and my Dad's on my staircase wall each day. I also see my hubby's mother and father. I say hello to them most mornings as I pass down the stairs.What great parents they all were. My mom had a favorite song it was by Patsy Cline "Walking After Midnight". I had it on the page ,When I had a page on Geo Cities I had a tribute to her and all the deceased loved ones in my family I miss each and everyone of them, but Mothers are very special people! Tomorrow is a special day for all Mothers and I wish each of you the best day you can have. May you receive all the love that you can on this special day. I will post a picture of My mom and MIL tomorrow morning.
 For now I am planning my trip to Washington to see my new grand daughter, Arsema daddy sent this cute video of her  I am so anxious to see her and hold her. Here is Arsema rock'in out