Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going to be Granny again

I got some happy news tonight our oldest son Jeff and his new wife, Hiwot, of 2 years are going to have a baby!!
We are all excited for them. I know Hiwot is thrilled to pieces!!
Now for some awesome pictures of the weather here tonight July28 2010 in the area of my home.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Sisters

Well finally a good picture to show you my siblings. We were missing one, she could not make the reunion. But 5 of us are there .Our brother  Kenny died back in 1966, he was the only boy in amongst the girls.  Looking at the picture left to right it is: Sherry, me Patty, Wilma the youngest, Jo Ann our oldest, Billie Sue. Roma was not there, we missed her and hopefully she will be there for the next one. later thanks for coming by today.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Here is hubby holding the newest addition to the clan. He is Carter and cutie pie!!I had taken several other pictures and need to go through them.The ones of us girls all together did not come out on my camera every one of them was blurry.I will wait to get a copy from one of the others I hope! I sure wish mine had come out better. oh well, the luck of the Halls I  guess. We had a great time and enjoyed the visiting of the others we had not seen in  some time.
more later on 

here is the blurry one awful!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I bought peaches today! They sure do smell good I have tasted them and they are very yummy. Maybe tomorrow I will make a batch of peach jam and then make a pie or cobbler. They are the same kind I made jam with last year.Contenders from  S.Carolina. very good. I have the GGS here tonight and tomorrow I am sure he will want to help me with them. He is 4 yrs. old and very active.His name is Blaze. Well I am off here for tonight he will be up at the crack dawn. so good night all  chat tomorrow

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Great deal

Today I went to the Goodwill. I had been to the store just 2 days prior and seen some floss. So this morning I called to see how much they would take for all of it. I bought all of it  for 10 dollars I am thrilled. I am doing some embroidery and did not want to invest a ton $ into  it in case i did not like it. Well this will make it much easier. I counted the small floss baggies with at least one some had 3 and 4 in them   and the total bags were 240. I am so happy!
My neighbor bought a small bird feeder and water bowl to put in the yard for the birds. It is so cute. I have to have one or make one. I will take a picture of hers and post it for all of you to see . The birds can eat and drink at the same place. How cool is that for them?
HOT HOT here all week!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Guild Picnic

Had our annual picnic tonight. What a great time we all had.I do think everyone enjoyed it. We had great food and played some real fun games. Besides we did a PCP paint chip surprise. We had 25 people take part in it. That is a great turn out for any project!We had a fat quarter toss. Where you brought a fat quarter and we rolled them with a rubber band then tried to toss them into a 5 gallon bucket. If yours went in you won the fat quarters in it. if you missed you put yours in the bucket. The ladies and gents had fun trying to get theirs in. a couple of good winners.Then we had a word search

game on a timer and they won prizes for that. We also played a game of Quilto. using fabric cards. they enjoyed that one as well. Had them vote for their favorite PCP and no 23 took those honors. I had a fun time and enjoyed the festivities. I even won one of the center pieces. But here is the PCP that I received . Mine was from Jeri Fickes. Love the colors and will be nice in my kitchen

Monday, July 5, 2010

this was July 2nd

I wanted to post these the other day but did not find the time. I love to see the sunsets of summer and etc. I think this was very pretty.  Was another day here in Ohio!! think it was 94 today too Hottaken from my back deck  looking out over a cornfiled. beautiful

checking out a phot of a friend

Mickie it is now on my blog.
I love the rocks the kids done 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Friends

Here is a picture of hubby with some of the guys and gals he worked with  when at Ford.
Looking at the picture is my hubby Charlie, Diane, Dave, and Bob. There was another Dennis but he left before  we could get the picture . that is just a small ampling of those that attened.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Returned and full

We have just returned from our picnic and gathering with friends. Man what good food.  It was wonderful and lots of people . The pool was full and the kids were having fun in the water.Which give the parents time to chat some. There was corn hole, soccer, and other games top play.  Sweet drinks and some new ones One was Creamsickle like the old ice cream bar. Tasted the same too, Then had some margaritas and pop beer water  tea. Most everyone was drinking water by the end of the eating. Lots of fresh fruit  and sweet cake and brownies. I enjoyed my visit and am always glad to return home. Now it is time to put my feet up and maybe do some hand embroidery this evening on my front porch!

Celebrating the Holiday

We are celebrating this holiday with a few of our friends. Hubby worked with her hubby before retiring. We are going to go a for a great picnic and share some memories. No I am not wearing red white and blue. I am instead wearing this. It is a nice deep maroon and white Capri's. I finally got a haircut about 9 days ago and  am pleased with it so far.
We are taking a  grape salad to share as our pot luck dish .  Happy fourth  to you one and all And thank you Veterans for all you do and have done you are much appreciated!!!