Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tis Over

Well the day and we had a grand time with my kids and their kids. The presents were opened late. Some of the grand kids spent the night and we waited on their Mom and dad to arrive before they opened anyhting major. That was a fun time. The great grandson Blaze has a way with the words. He is fun and can be a cantankerous. HA!! Today I have been cleaning up my sewing area and maybe going to sew a little bit tonight. I plan to go shopping tomorrow with a dear friend. Then on Tuesday I get a hairdo. It is short now and I might not get much cut off . Baby it's cold outside!!  I have several stitcheries I would like to get done this year! I hope to get them started and finished. I got a new PINK tool pouch from daughter. Seems i can never find the hammer hubby got for me so she found this pink set of tools and gave to me for Christmas how sweet. I hope the guys in my life will not want to use the pink hammer hahaha
 I will be right back my coffee is done and I am thirsty! UMMM it tastes good.  A tad chilly here and some snow flurries today. 23* out now. We are suppose to have a warm up in the 40's next week wahoo
 Our eldest son and his new bride did not make to Ohio for this year maybe next. next year their daughter who is due to arrive into this world on March 7th will be about 9 months old this time next year. Wow that is something. I have some new baby things to send to them i have made some of those adorable shoes and a couple bibs from the Moda recipe. The shoes were from another web site I will look that up and post the web site here for any of you that want to sew  a few pairs .
I love them  I am headed off to go and do a little bit of sewing. Have a great day everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! The day has finally arrived and I pray that each of you have the most joyous and best Christmas ever. Remember why we celebrate this day. The birth of the Saviour and KING of KINGS!! Rejoice for unto us is born the Saviour, Jesus.
LOVE   Patty

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lost and Found

I am in heaven!! I had misplaced my Bright light since attending the retreat in Ripley W.V. I was searching everyday. Cleaned some of the sewing area  as I was looking. Well tonight or early morning I came across it where I had looked many times!!! In a rolling tote inside my Omni drink bag well protected!! I had wrapped it and stuck it inside the box that has my Bed Risers. In there I also found some Iron Cleaner and the cloths for that. woohoo!!!!!!!!!!  clicking my heels if only I could jump high enough.First thing out of my mouth when I seen it was THANK YOU JESUS!!!! praises to him for the find!
I am off to get some much needed sleep. I will be tired tomorrow. NITERS!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am going to catch you

Since daughter had a house fire, we have been watching her puppy. The puppy is named Tinkerbell. Hubby hates to have to go and call her in. Thinks he sounds dumb calling Tinkerbell. I said call her Tink and he replied more like Tasmanian Devil. She is a live wire and loves to chase behind you grabbing at your leg and then chases the big dog Buster who by the way growls and shows his teeth at her at least a 100 times a day. She does not back down. Brave little girl she was she even crawled into his cage.WOW!!! so today after sh had been outside for a few minutes romping in the snow and chasing the birds up the tree . She came with a charge and started to go in circles trying to catch her tail so funny here is a movie clip of her. Have a great day everyone O am off to do some sewing.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


It is getting colder and colder it seems and it should be according to the calendar.
It is December after all.Today is clean the kitchen and rearrange the table back over by the overheadlight.
We usually move it to accommodate the family for dinner on Thanksgiving day and other majorholidays.
 So today I get the honor of moving it back and I might put up my small skinny tree in the TV room I like having one there.
 I will use colored lights for it and all the handmade ornaments I have received over the years.
They are some very special ones . I have done quite a few swaps for ornaments.
I will come back later on after the work is done and  read some Blogs.  Have a  great day  all my family, friends and followers.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well I have finished sewing her up. She is a cutie. I am sending her off to a new home in the morning. as soon as i get the address to do so. I did join the swap and  this is the one I have made for my person. It was a fun time picking fabric and making her. her Photo is below. I mad e a pocket on her backside. I hope my person like her. She is saying I did not eat all the candy, but you can see it is in her tummy.  This is a pattern by
LOl I hope to put a candy on the backside. thanks for coming by all.