Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leaking !!!!

Well I have found the source of the water problem in my sewing area it is the HUMIDIFIER and not the hot water tank as he first thought!!
I was trying to cut out a few pieces of fabric and kept hearing drips and I said where is that sound coming from WELL there was a huge amount of water on the floor and running over under my sewing area. One day I could be juiced HUH? well the apparatus is coming off the furnace since he said the solenoid is bad anyway. If it doesn't work then disconnect the damn thing!
I am vexed and have to unload on something sorry!!!
Niters now I am off to bed forget all this stuff for now tomorrow is another day/


Wilma NC said...

Hope you got the leak stopped!! I hate it when I have to deal with things like that.

Jeanne Bishop said...

Pat, I'm glad your guy is doing so well. I love reading your blog. It's just like talking to you in person. See you soon.

Mickie said...

Well i guess this brings new meaning to the phrase, when it rains it pours. I hope all gets well with Charlie's recovery. You sure didn't need this as well. Jeepers :(