Thursday, January 22, 2009

whew!!! finally home

Evening everyone, I am finally home and hubby is doing great. He yelps now and then. Our little dogie wants to climb on him, but I have decided to latch the cage for now. He was so happy to see Charlie and has been at his side since he returned home. I will be getting myself ready for the bed soon and then get up tomorrow morning and hope to sew a little bit. I hear my machines calling my name. I hope to get to sew a couple bag tomorrow. One is from a new book Pouches and purses I believe it is, anyway it is a tea cup bag with a zipper. so darn cute!! I have waited all fall to get the book. The other is like one I have sewn for my grand daughter Allyson. I had posted a picture of it before.
I will be back tomorrow after I get to sew some and hopefully have a couple a photos to sahre with you all. until then niters

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