Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mail call today

In my mail today I received a package from a dear friend in Scotland. She has sent me a wonderful CD to hear the music and see the sights of Scotland. So very interesting!
Also she has sent me a bag I am sure she did the fine hand work on it I love it, it fits me perfectly!! Here is a snapshot of the bag

and no comments on my hairdo today I am getting it cut very soon . Like tomorrow I hope LOL
She has done some fine stitching on this. I think it is called sashshiko a type of japanese stitching. I just love the bag. Thanks Betty
I have just listened to the CD and the music is great but the scenery is fantastic!
One day I hope to go there and visit her.
That is all for now thanks for stopping in today.


Wilma NC said...

Love the bag. Betty does such nice work!!How did you change your background on your blog? You will need to teach me.

Roma said...

Nice Bag Sister!! And it looks good on you for sure.
I'm sure the CD will be used many times over. Just for the music if nothing else.
Oh and your hair looks like mine. Love it..