Thursday, March 26, 2009

teaching DIL to sew

Well tonight I have been teaching my DIL how to sew a wall hanging. She has sewn all that can be sewn for now . Need to buy some more of one fabric for the border. Here is a few pics of her and the project she has sewn. This is Lisa and her wall hanging. This is also her first project pertaining to quilt making.
The name of the Wall hanging is Snowball and Star from "Quilt in A Day" book, snowball quilt

Will show the final outcome tomorrow evening . I am going to a sewing Expo here in Cleveland area tomorrow . She will be here doing nothing except resting from today LOL>More to come tomorrow Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feeling somewhat better

Well on my second day of the fat pill.(prednizone). But it does help a lot. So I will take it and do as I am told. I had hoped to be able to get to the sewing machine today. Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance. I signed up for a challenge to have something sewn and completed by April 15Th. I may have to change that project to a smaller one.LOL NOT I am still short winded when i go up the stairs but it should improve.
Now on to a happier note. Going to try again to clean out some of my sewing stuff. I have a way too much and will donate some to the needy . I know of a few places that could use some of it. I have a daughter in law who will be coming here this week and she is wanting to make a quilt top. So I guess I am the one to show her. It will be an easy one as she has not even sewn. Man I bet she will do fine. She is the wife of son #2 Robert her name is Lisa.
Still waiting on my new daughter in law to arrive in the states from Ethiopia. She and son #1 were married last June 5Th in that country. He is employed by Boeing and travels around the world repairing planes for them. Loves his job and is anxious to have her with him is a picture of her.

The Bride and Groom

I am so anxious to meet her in person and be able to show her around. She is such a bubbly lady and always seems to be laughing and smiling. Beautiful inside and out!!
It is very late and also early in the AM so I am heading off to get some shut eye before the sun rises.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Return from Quilt Camp

Hello been a while since I posted here. Sorry about that.
I was gone from about noon on Friday until about 1 Pm today at the retreat. I had a great time with old friends and some new ones too. It was a 10 year anniversary for us . All the gals who attend these each made a block and sent to me I then assembled them in to a quilt top. I added a sawtooth border and two white ones as well. The quilt came out very nice, this is a picture of it.

Now the next thing is the charm table topper. It is done with Quilt For A Cause by Moda. The next one is kind patriotic but it was a fun one to make. I might make another of them. in different colors. The last one a small one in spring colors for my kitchen table. The bag on the table is for my new daughter Hiwot. I still have to make her a wallet and zipper pouch for it. She is going to love it. Still no word on when she is coming. I am hoping it will be soon . For now I am signing off and headed for the big bed for some much needed rest!! niters all

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stuffed carrots

I just got a few carrots sewn. Here they are looking mighty plain but tomorrow they will look like an orange carrot and have green toppers. The tutorial for them is on this blog

She has a lot of neat things there.
I ran short on my background fabric on the block I just posted earlier so a trip to the fabric store ---poor me.
have a good nights sleep and chat tomorrow.


If you click on my pictures it comes up large and you get a better look at the many birds It is amazing!!

Sewing and Birds

Evening All, been a while since I posted on my blog. I had been busy sewing and creating a mess in my studio! Am doing a block swap in the fall, for a retreat I am hosting. It is a group I belong too, so was working figuring and deciding on my block. This is the one I plan to make everyone who is swapping out. It is called Mellineum Chain out of a BHG magazine for quilters.

Now today while hubby and I were at the kitchen table having coffee this afternoon
all these starlings or black birds came out of nowhere and landed in the back yard and the cornfiled below. Check them out so many, reminded me of the movie the Birds!!
They chatter so much they do not hear you when try to yell or make noise to startle them. They hang in the trees looking like black leaves in them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look for a boy

For a boy if I need it. I think it is as cute as the girls. Will make a couple more bibs to go with it. as I have said fun fun fun

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More shoes

Shoes I love these little shoes they are so darn cute. I am making a box for future grand children or great grandchildren. I might even have something for a shower gift if I ever get invited to one again!! Hehehe not that I want that. anyway have a look at the cute yellow checked ones and a bib to go along with it.
Sorry for the picture repeat I have not learned how to edit them yet.

The bib is from the web site Moda Bake Shop. They have a bunch of nice patterns and tutorials on that site.

Tomorrow is a heavy sewing day!! No fun things this day it is work work and finish it day.

It was so cold here today the wind howled the windchill is now below 0 come one spring we are waiting for you! I am soon gonna turn the light off!!! daylight saving time soon. hustle hustle

until next time