Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Luncheon Date

had lunch today with my sisters one could not make it. but there were 5 of us all together.
 Here is a picture of us all

Left front ,Baby Wilma ,Sherry, Joanne eldest, Billie Sue and Patty (me) on the right front.
Was a good  day  had a nice short visit with them all. Just wished the other one could have been here too,. The one missing  is Roma.
Anyway my daughter left tonight  for AZ to get grandson. Grand daughter Ally  and her boyfriend Zachary went. He has never flown. So a treat for him. he is a nice guy. they will stay about 5 days and see some of the country side while there. my oldest grandson is Blazes dad.  Gosh they are all growing up so fast. so I hope they have a great visit and lots of fun. Zachary will like it  I am sure.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sewing a Tad

I downloaded a Kimono Robe pattern from Connecting Threads freebies. I got mine made with a few changes. I put 2 pockets on the front and made it shorter version. I also made a it one layer  and a smaller trim on the sleeves and down the front and around the neck/ section. I also purchased the Snappy  Slippers pattern and plan to make myself a pair to match my robe. so cute. They the slippers have a bag to put them in as well. I have inserted the links to both of them just click on the underlined and  you will find them.Do not look hard at me not a pretty thing in the morning. LOL

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July everyone

Wishing all a safe weekend and happy memorable time with family and friends. I will be at home this year and being productive on some much needed DE-cluttering .LOL I feel like that is all I get done but hey somewhere back when I thought I really needed a great deal of these items Funny how we change  each year! when i sew I can not do the other chores and visa versa so I will choose to be busy making a less cluttered  space. Mind you I did not say organised only less.
Oh for you younger ones reading  this post  just a heads up when you get older you will slow down and the time will fly by  and trust me each year is faster and faster. I am doing the Farm Girl Vintage sew along. I am behind 2 blocks plus the new two new ones. I am hoping I can get them sewn tonight for my relax time and reward for my other is a photo of the ones i have completed thus far. I am doing the 6 1/2 inch size. really liking them  and hope to keep up with it  s little better. I made this cute wallet from a pattern called the Quilter's Wallet. so far I have made 3 and have a 4th to go.. it is started and will be cute when finished. so for now i will post my blocks and a couple of the wallets. until next time be safe and think positive.