Friday, January 20, 2012

A Rustic Retreat

Started a new quilt for my daughter, Michelle. It is called Rustic Retreat. I did not have the panel they used but I did have some fabric with an all over print of her favorite animal the MOOSE.

So I used it in place of the panel. I fussy cut the squares and tonight I began sewing the other blocks in the quilt. There are stars and bear paw blocks. I have 5-6 of the stars made and one lonely bear paw in blue. I am posting the picture of the moose blocks and the pattern and then I will post what I got sewn tonight. So for the beginning here is the sewing I was able to do last night. The quilt behind it is one I made  last year or two years ago but only finished sewing the top together this past weekend. It is called Arrowhead and came out of a magazine I had . the two blocks on the far side are birthday blocks from a yahoo group I am in. I received two more of them today.
the picture below is the sewing I got done tonight. It shows one of the star blocks and then the quilt top as it is progressing. I have sewn one blue bear paw and there are 4 of them plus 8 green bear blocks to make yet. Anyway I am thrilled over it. Daughter came by tonight and she likes it! I was almost certain she would. Snow is still coming down  and we are going to get socked oh well we had a warm and friendly winter up until now HA HA. Stay warm all and thank you so very much for stopping by today . Hope to get more sewing in tomorrow. night for now

Sunday, January 15, 2012

weekend sewing

Well I was able to get the top sewn together for the my Arrowhead. I like it. Then I was playing with the twister ruler and made the heart. I messed around with a couple small quilts but will post a photo of them tomorrow or Tuesday. In the meantime here is the two I have sewn . Arrowhead and heart twist.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have been sewing for my grand daughter Arsema. I have made so far 4 baprons and have 2 more to make for her. I got them from here. A great tutorial. I like the puppy one tis for valentine day. I hope to make the other 2 and get them in the mail to her 4 P M.
 Turning colder here and possible snow this weekend. yuck. But hey I guess we can not really complain have had a very mild winter.   I am off for now and  back again soon  with more of what I am doing.

Take your time and sew slow checking the binding. I did not have a lot of trouble. Here are pictures of the 4 I have made  and I have at least 2 more to sew up. such fun!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Valentine finish

Well started this a week or so ago I wanted it done before February. I surprised myself. I do like it a lot. The sea grass  green teapot is a gift from my neighbor a Fiesta  brand I love those dishes!
I am off on another project now making some small doll bed quilts. When i get one done I will be posting a photo for you to see. I am having some fun with the sewing for a change!  Thanks for stopping by
Oh in case you are wondering this topper was in "Celebrating Quilting" by Patrick Lose and published by Fons and Porter from last January  issue of 2011

Monday, January 2, 2012

Well Happy New Year

Better Late than not  at all.This time went by so fast, and I had such a fun time during the month of December. Lots of sewing and parties and baking and cooking and mainly family time.
 Well I have been surfing the net and seen there is going to be some nice BOM coming up. I had set out to do the planet patchwork mystery on new years day , I just did not get to sew that day. I did manage to save all the clues so I will make it very soon.With Valentines fast approaching maybe some fabric with hearts on it would be nice for the mystery. Have any of you done the new years day mystery before?  I have participated on it several times and have always liked the end result. so maybe next year you should try  it.
I hope to stay on top of the sewing this year . So much I want to do  and I hope to get a good portion of it finished.I will be updating the blog and posting some of the blogs I follow and a few of the BOM. I am going to try to do the one with Sentimental Stitches called It Takes Two done in reds and whites should be an awesome quilt. Then there is one called Hello Sun, then the mini BOM so I am off to a good start on starting and lets see if I can stay  up with them. I will put links on here for them so come tomorrow to check them all out. I am doing a Valentine  one from the book Celebrating Quilting from Fons and Porter it is embroidery and applique a small table topper soon to get the applique done.
embroidery almost finished on it.  Well so I do not bore you to death  I will sign off for tonight and get the place straightened up for your return tomorrow. be safe and enjoy whatever you get to do
until tomorrow ------------------------
the trees are down and things packed up. Want to dress it up for just winter then Valentines and etc..