Sunday, August 2, 2009

Busy last few days

Whew!! I have been so busy lately. had a great get to know you with new DIL Hiwot. She got to meet most of the family members and some of the neighbors! After she had left to be in her new home, I started to get back to the sorting and etc of the sewing area.
Next I went to Berlin to take a friend Sue J to her sewing machine class. well we stopped to get some peaches. We were sitting outside the Chestnut Ridge Sewing Store and a gentleman in a car parked next to us said have you been to Carlisle we said no he says they have the best peaches . showed us one and it was yummy to say the least. He said they are soo good like the kind that runs down your chin while you are eating it. We we decided we needed to go and get some . Drove to Carlisle after her class and the palce was closed for the day. so on our way out of Berlin we stopped at the Troyers Mkt and bought a couple bags. The type are called Contenders Peaches !!These are so yummy and sweet and perfect for pies and etc. I made 2 batches of jam and 2 peach cobblers. Gave one of them to my daughter Michelle.Ours is all gone we have eaten it. So i drove back down to Berlin the next day and bought some more of the yummy peaches. I am going to make a peach pie and freeze it for later on. Plus will make another batch of jam and maybe just eat some cause they taste soooooo good.
Tomorrow I am driving to get a storage snap lock containers for sewing things from the Jo Ann store. I will then fix the peaches and continue the sorting and washing of fabric to put away,one day soon it will be all done and I can mess it up.
Now I will show you the new sofa we bought for the Tv room and the jars of Jam I made from the peaches!