Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh No Baby Here

Well today I made a pair of baby shoes from fabric. So far they have come out cute. I like them enough to make a couple more pair of them. I will save them for a later date . Maybe someone I know will have baby and I can send a pair to them.
Heres the link where the pattern directions are check on the rightside cloth shoes

Then I have been helping a friend, she was lucky enough to win 13 blocks from the guild and I was helping her placing the blocks you know finding a good neighbor. The quilt is going to be very pretty I will take a picture for her soon she has to sew them all into the top first. and add her borders.
Tonight I want to cut out a tote bag for my new DIL for whenever she arrives in the states. I am enjoying my sewing for a change.
may come later and have picture of the tote. until then tata

Sunday, February 22, 2009

an Oldie but good

The picture above is of myself in the bright blue blouse sitting oh so straight
on the chair. My friend Janice is the lady across the table from me. Janice has passed on but I was one who helped her get started in quilting. She was a good woman. The star quilt behind us was one of the classes they offered. I took this class in Flagstaff AZ at the Yavapi College Campus . The lady in the navy blue top was a twin. She and her sister both attended this and they were extremely good sewers.,straight arrow seams. I was just learning to cut with a rotary cutter and sewing pieces on the sewing machine instead of by hand. I believe they still hold these retreats today there. This was the first and I had gone in 1985 very long time ago. I am as in love with quilt making now and as was when I took my first class in 1978!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a little sewing today

Here is my Bees Knees thus far. I still have to blanket stitch around the leaves. then it is ready to be quilted.

Below is the block I have made for my guild February exchange or lattery block I think it is called. I nmeed to put some legs and feet on the birds then finished for my part

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sewing class

Finally home I had a sewing class this morning with my guild. I was making log cabin blocks for a sweatshirt jacket. I have all my blocks sewn and will continue with it tomorrow I hope. I then came home unloaded the sewing things and grabbed the tassimo coffeepot , Off to Mansfield I go to return it as it did not work. I went to the store and got a refund then asked if they would check the other one out for me. NO they could not do that!! So I said i will buy it take it to my sisters and see if it works. If it did not I would be returning it pronto!!
Got to her house and we loaded it up with water and a couple coffee packets and had a good cup of coffee. We talked for a while and she said oh!!! I have something for you went to the other room and came out with a beautiful old appliqued quilt!!
I am in love you know!! she saidHappy Birthday and hope you like it.Then proceeded to tell me she got it for 2 dollars I am even in more in love than before what a deal!!! here it is I know it is not perfect but gtorgeous to me none the less . We had a good visit. She has recently stopped smoking and I always congratulate her on that!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


well after fiddling with this for a few a days it is finally sewn!! Yeah I think if I make another one it will be minus some of the padding!! It is from that great mag "Fast Quilts" by McCalls one of their single issues from this past fall.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

the BIG Game Day

Well it is finally here, the big game. Now come one AZ and show your stuff to the east coast. You can beat them just play like you have your heart in it! This last play where Steelers stole the ball and ran to the touchdown goal post wah!!!!!
Not much sewing today. I have tried to settle in on a couple of things and can do it now.SOOOO I will try again later on. I wanted to get the sewer's wallet made I have it all cut out and etc. I have to be able to focus on what I am doing.But have had a headache again today and it is pounding like pressure behind my left eye.
I will be back later on to post more,for now it is off to rid my self of the pain in the head LOL