Wednesday, February 24, 2010

added a counter

Well I have been going to do this for sometime so today was the day. woohoo. come on back often and visit I love company!!

another Purse for grand daughter

I sewed a little bit yesterday . Grand daughters school is holding an auction for the class to help pay for the bus trip to DC. I have made this purse for her and it has a wonder wallet and tissue holder. I also put a pencil in and hope to find a calendar book for it, Maybe a key ring. It turned out very nice I do like it. I think the next one will be a little bit more spring colors or something. I shall have to see what I have to make it with.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making some Progress

I have been trying to clean out and get my basement ready for a new furnace to be installed. What a chore!!
I for one have way too much stuff. I am donating and sorting and organizing my sewing things. That will be a feet in and of itself! No sewing for over a week. . I have taken some photos of the stuff i have moved and done. Maybe soon I will post a few here for you view.
Our guild was asking to have a sewing tour from some of the members, well there was noway I was going to show off this mess. When and if I get it completed i will show the photos to the members .LOL anyway I am working diligently on it. so stay tuned and watch for pictures
Tata for now

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not much going on

Well today was to be a busy day. I have gone to a lunch with a friend. Had great food. I got the chicken salad fruit plate. It is very good comes with chicken salad , honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes and two hard boiled egg halves. Set on a piece of iceberg lettuce. very refreshing! Crackers on the side and a good cup of coffee!
For sewing this week not very much I have done some of the red work I wanted to do. The weather has been cold and snowy!
I have some Craisins
and want to make a snack with them. Maybe I need to make a cake or or something. I have a sweet tooth calling for goodies. Maybe I should make a spice cake or better yet a devils food cake with lots of chocolate icing on it. yum!!
I better get off I can almost feel the pounds piling on just talking about it