Monday, January 21, 2013

Sarah how sweet

Our newest grand daughter Sarah  is growing fast . I just want to kiss those cheeks and snuggle with her. Friday she will be two months old already!! Where oh where does the time go and why so fast?! Her bigger sister will be 2 years old March 14th.
 Was off sewing all weekend. done some laundry today and up wayyyy too late. So I am signing off and heading to bed. Nite all   Chat later today

Monday, January 14, 2013

Doll quilt to Joni

I had made this quilt for Joni in TN.  We are in Doll Quilt Swap groupo and I wanted to share a photo of it . I like it so well I plan to make one for myself. I have made the larger one of it. I will post a photo of them together and then the smaller one by  its self. so sweet to me anyways.
here they are

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year

A new year and a new start for many things for me. I am going to try and finish up some projects I have started. Some require very little time and others need my total focus. I have been working  on the doll quilt for my January swap partner. I am liking what I am doing.. Can not post a photo as she may view my blog. so once it is finished and she has received it I will then post on my blog. I can however post the one I just sent out to the December partner..This is one I like so much I have cut one out for myself. I had made a large version and  use the basic for the small one. My new grand daughter is doing very well. I think mommy said she is 11# 10 ounces now she weighed in  at birth 9 pound 4 ounces.. She has a bigger sister who almost 2 and I am sure she is not too happy with the little one mooching in on her  space. She will get used to her though.. I hope to be able to see them both  this year.

 Sure been cold here and wind chill has been cold!! There is so much I would love to do in the sewing and the quilt making. I got  to be more focused so i can get them done.going to try to post a photo we shall see  did not want to work for me earlier.