Friday, November 25, 2011

Fashion News

This just in from Seattle area all the rage and just in time for your holiday shopping. Sorry ladies this is not a Black Friday item.
This is the very latest in headwear, being modeled by Arsema. I am sure we will all want one so hurry find your favorite.They come in all types of animals, butterflys, flowers, winnie the pooh and even cars and trucks.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Woohoo tis Done

WOO HOO I am finished with the gift box quilt. It is so very pretty . I just love those fabrics and the colors and it turned out great! here have a look at it. Thanks to Moda for the pattern  under Fun Stuff quilting and to Kate Spain for her designing talents of the fabric line. Thanks to JEllen's Fabric Shop  for the sale on the fabrics. I am thrilled with it . And to Amy Bouchard of Sugar Valley Stitches  for her great quilting.
 happy dance here in Ohio .

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guess Who and New table topper

Well sewed yesterday and today . I did manage to get the binding on finally on the table topper. I recommend single binding for these shapes. I also have the binding on my gift box quilt just need to sew it down on the back side. Son sent a couple photo's of grand daughter. she is growing too fast. check her out she is having some fun and I am sure going to be told no no. ha ha!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some Family Time and sewing

Hi All, had a good day yesterday  was fun because of my sisters. five of us were able to come together and have a lunch  and short visit. One had come up to Ohio to get her MIL . We then called the one in Michigan and she drove down while the other 3 of us live in the area. We ate at the Lynway and enjoyed some of their pies. mm Buckeye is delicious. My daughter and her friend were able to come and eat with us. was a good day in outr neighborhood!!

I came home and decided to sew some. I cut out two pillows and then sewed them and quilted them out today. The pillows are fin ished. I like them alot!! They are in the magazine Celebrating Quilting by Fon's and Porter publishing. Great magaazine if you see it you should buy it. There is so much in this issue you will not be disappointed. I will now post a couple pictures one of my sisters and I and the other of the pillows.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Check this one Out

I have made and finished the blue baby quilt. I just finished sewing the binding down this morning I started sewing it down last evening and had about 26 inches to do and said tomorrow is another day. SO It is ready for giving.
Her is a picture of the front and the back I did all the quilting and am happy with it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween over

Well the scary days are gone and we had a good turn out for treats. I live in the country and we had farm wagons pulled by tractors to take the neighborhood kids around to houses that wanted to  participate.  My great grandson came over and he had a grand time. There were two wagon loads counting the grown ups.
So after the trick or treating they went to the home of the family that had organized it and had some drinks and I think donuts. that was so nice and safer for all the kids, it was from 1-3 PM sunshine and all.
So I have been sewing again and trying to finish up a few more things. One is a baby quilt the pretty blue one and then the fall twister topper and last but far from the least is the Christmas hexagon star. I get to quilt them out starting tomorrow and have the baby quilt done first.  I am pleased with them all.
here is a couple pictures

I have more to do and then the ones I really want to make, I just want to get these 3 quilted and bound for now. I have a pattern by Sandy Gervais named "Done" that I want to make and have hanging on my wall for the holidays too. My gift boxes quilt top should be back her in a week or so. Then it is time to make the binding and add it to that pretty thing!That one will hang in our front hallway as we enter the house.
Next week I put the pumpkin wall quilt up until Thanksgiving is over.What is you favorite quilt to hang? Thanks for coming by and seeing me again today. I love company