Monday, December 29, 2008

Towel day

I made this tea towel today. I am making one a month for a yahoo group I am in. This is the first one. So I can hang it all month long. I will be doing a new one for March and it should be finished and ready to hang by the first of March!
I have been gone over the weekend. My nephew has passed away and we attended his funeral. Spent all day Saturday with my sister and her family and the rest of my family. For whatever a funeral is to be it was good. I just feel so sorry for sister this is two of her children that have died before her. She has her hands full and lives her life to the fullest.
Now on to a happier note. I will post a photo each month of the towels as I get them made. Since I am coordinator of it, I have to make one first then post all to the group for them to make theirs. Mine must get finished. LOL until tomorrow signing off.


Mickie said...

Hey Patty, I am so sorry for your loss! ((((HUGGS)))))) It's a tough time of year for that kind of loss.
On the otherhand, I love your towel! Did you blanket stitch that by hand or by machine. The "love" fabric is the perfect touch!
Take care,

brencpa said...

Love your Valentine towel. Can you tell me which Yahoo group you are on that does the towels. I love to do applique. What pattern did you use?