Monday, December 29, 2008

Towel day

I made this tea towel today. I am making one a month for a yahoo group I am in. This is the first one. So I can hang it all month long. I will be doing a new one for March and it should be finished and ready to hang by the first of March!
I have been gone over the weekend. My nephew has passed away and we attended his funeral. Spent all day Saturday with my sister and her family and the rest of my family. For whatever a funeral is to be it was good. I just feel so sorry for sister this is two of her children that have died before her. She has her hands full and lives her life to the fullest.
Now on to a happier note. I will post a photo each month of the towels as I get them made. Since I am coordinator of it, I have to make one first then post all to the group for them to make theirs. Mine must get finished. LOL until tomorrow signing off.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today I did some baking and even put some icing on some cut out cookies. They are tasty. I sure hope I get the others done. I want to make a batch of molasses cookies they are my favorite. My MIL used to bake the best and I loved them. My mom was great at baking as well. She did fantastic sugar cookies and blackbeery pies and etc. Oh not to forget the great breakfast gravy and biscuits. My favorite gravy was her bacon gravy with a batch of fried potatoes!!! then spread the biscuit with some of her homemade jams um um um!! I am getting hungry talking about this stuff.
Christmas will soon be here and the families all together and happy as families can be. Tis a great time to be here and amoung lots of friends!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

long cold day

I have been busy trying to finish the dinning room. I did get the last of the carpet cleaned. I have the table and chairs ready to go back and then put the pretties on the table. I went to the outlet mall with hubby and then to Wooster to look at a few things. We decided we are having Honeybaked Ham for Christmas dinner. We looked a few printers, some laptops and then also looked at some furniture. Oh we also checked out the new phones like the Blackberry Storm. Not going to buy any of them for now just looking.
I have been sewing on a set of placemats. When they are finished I will post a photo of them for you to see. Tomorrw is another day in the stores. Mainly to get the food and a couple more gifts. I am going to make a couple pecan pies and some cookies for sure!!
I will check back in tomorrow evening. thanks everyone happy shopping,
cold here in Ohio

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift and family

Here is the cutest gift I have received lately. This is from neighbor Sandy Plain. She does such neat things every year. I just love it it is a night light and has one of the cords to turn it off like a welcome candle for a window. so cute.
Below is the ornament she gave us. It is beautiful, this makes my second cross stitched ornament. They are both from lady's named Sandra!!

this is my oldest grandson and his girlfriend Bryan and Stephanie a very nice couple


Getting the tree up

Getting the tree up and decorated is one big job! As you see it is barely put together.

Tree is together.
The other view of my living room. I like it Love my tree quilt

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Play

This is my only Grand daughter Ally. She is such a nice young girl. Tonight she and the others shinned in the play. It was a very good play. They all performed well. The skit was great! All about how many names GOD goes by thoughout the BIBLE . It lasted about an hour and was very entertaining. They served donuts water and coffee afterwards to those who wanted to join in the eating area. We left and went to McD's for coffee and cookies. I think there may have been about 300 or more people there what a nice crowd. (at the play not MC D's).
There will be a couple other pictures of the group and then one of her older brother CJ he is a cutie too. A very nice young man.

Allyson and some of the girls
the whole group
CJ older brother a handsome fellow
I did finish the 3 rd tea towel for my daughter. they are all so cute this last one has a cabin appliqued on it and smoke coming out the chimney. Really cute. I will posta picture of it later on!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sewing today

Mr Moose
Well today I got to sew a little while. I have made 2 tea towels for my daughter. She is an outdoors gal and loves the moose and the woods and etc. I have one more to make for her, it will have a cabin on it. I have some other things for her as well. So tomorrow I will go and shop a bit more. Then hope to be done with it at least by Tuesday we hope. Hubby and I decided no gifts for each other this year! That is fine by me. I need to finish a tad more decorating to be complete. Oh and thanks for stopping by here today. We love company.
The pattern is from

the canoe

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WHEW!!!! what a couple of Days


I was on the committee for our guild Christmas Party. We had to be there at the church by 4:30PM and it was over by 9:15PM. It went very well and all who attended had a great time. We had 38 members who attended this event. Our guild is around 60members so that is a great turnout! A lot of games and prizes were given out and then our yearly gift exchange. The lady who received mine is our new president for 2009. If you scroll down to last weeks post you will see a picture of the big rotary mat bag I made and gave away. That is what she got. I was thrilled she picked it out of the ones on the table. For some odd reason I got hers. I had no clues whose I had picked then on the card inside it said Jeri Fickes well I got a neat Gripper and great scissor fob to wear on my neck. I was one of the winners of the center pieces as well. I got one of the cutest snowmen glass bowl with candy kisses in it! The first picture is the center piece. The one below here is the Little Gripper it is awesome I think I am going to like it a lot then the nice scissor fob Fons and Porter brand.
The last picture is the I received in the ABCQuilter block swap. It is very cute and hangs in my living room. Well hope to get our tree up and decorated this week. Thanks for visiting and until next time Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mail call for me today!!

These are my newest ornaments I have received. Mine is the gingie
the mittens are from Wilma Eichler
the cute snowman on a Moose is from Roma Wimberley ,
they both are from NC . We all belong to a group on yahoo ABCQuilters.
WOOHOO!! what a surprise I got my stockings from a swap I have been in. They are so pretty look at them in these photo's. I belong to a yahoo group called PCPiecers and we now and then have a swap so here is my new stockings.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

latest ornaments

Here is a couple pictures of two ornaments I made today. I have more to make if the time goes right.

Today was hubby's birthday. We did not do anything special. I was going to buy him some tools he had shown me what he wanted, but he wanted me to wait until after the Christmas holidays. I said okay. He turned 65 and we have been married now for 46 years. Next month it will be me turning 65. My, my where does ones life go so fast.? I hope to get a few more of these made and the tree up next week or by the 12 I hope. Have done some shopping for GK and have more to do.It will be a slim one this year. It will be the year to remember thats for sure. Tomorrow I may go to a little town called Berlin and pick up some DMC thread to make the other ornaments. But for now I am siging off and going to bed. later all