Sunday, December 14, 2014


Well what a delay! I have been busy sewing on a king size quilt binding for a friend. it is sewn on so far by machine and is now ready to to turn to the back and hand stitch. came out  good. Hubby called and I stopped to chat then decided to  read some email.and said Oh I need to load that picture on my blog so I am here to get it on here. thanks all I will post it and then off to to do the hand sewing. enjoy your Sunday I am doing so  with mine so far. I have also posted a picture of the great grandson Blaze. He was dressed for his school program. they performed a  do not give me socks for Christmas. I have never heard. they were cute  his grandmother stated.
                                                                 MY TREE block
                                              Have yourself a quilty little Christmas  quilt top

Friday, December 12, 2014

top sewn borders to go

I was sewing along with the Lori Holt gang and this is my top thus far. I am working on the borders.  hopefully it will get added this week. I had so much fun  looking forward to  each new block. She has done such cute things. I have made some of her kitchen towels they have the days of the week on them and some pretty fabric on the bottom for a colorful  trim.I hope to make the canisters next. I bought my jars  her pattern  and have some paint. so time will tell if I can get them made or not. the pattern is called Kitchen Love by Lori Holt.
 I have so many things going at this time of year. but I love it all. so will continue on and do my best to get some of them finished. Have a great weekend coming up and stay warm and enjoy  your time.