Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tis Over

Well the day and we had a grand time with my kids and their kids. The presents were opened late. Some of the grand kids spent the night and we waited on their Mom and dad to arrive before they opened anyhting major. That was a fun time. The great grandson Blaze has a way with the words. He is fun and can be a cantankerous. HA!! Today I have been cleaning up my sewing area and maybe going to sew a little bit tonight. I plan to go shopping tomorrow with a dear friend. Then on Tuesday I get a hairdo. It is short now and I might not get much cut off . Baby it's cold outside!!  I have several stitcheries I would like to get done this year! I hope to get them started and finished. I got a new PINK tool pouch from daughter. Seems i can never find the hammer hubby got for me so she found this pink set of tools and gave to me for Christmas how sweet. I hope the guys in my life will not want to use the pink hammer hahaha
 I will be right back my coffee is done and I am thirsty! UMMM it tastes good.  A tad chilly here and some snow flurries today. 23* out now. We are suppose to have a warm up in the 40's next week wahoo
 Our eldest son and his new bride did not make to Ohio for this year maybe next. next year their daughter who is due to arrive into this world on March 7th will be about 9 months old this time next year. Wow that is something. I have some new baby things to send to them i have made some of those adorable shoes and a couple bibs from the Moda recipe. The shoes were from another web site I will look that up and post the web site here for any of you that want to sew  a few pairs .
I love them  I am headed off to go and do a little bit of sewing. Have a great day everyone!


Roma said...

glad you had a nice day yesterday sister.
Hope you find all kinds of bargins when you shop. As for me I will probably still be snowed in..

HA_HA, get this the word for me to type in to post this , psyco... how fitting for me, EH?

John'aLee said...

Well wishes on getting all of your stitching done this new year!