Saturday, December 4, 2010


It is getting colder and colder it seems and it should be according to the calendar.
It is December after all.Today is clean the kitchen and rearrange the table back over by the overheadlight.
We usually move it to accommodate the family for dinner on Thanksgiving day and other majorholidays.
 So today I get the honor of moving it back and I might put up my small skinny tree in the TV room I like having one there.
 I will use colored lights for it and all the handmade ornaments I have received over the years.
They are some very special ones . I have done quite a few swaps for ornaments.
I will come back later on after the work is done and  read some Blogs.  Have a  great day  all my family, friends and followers.


Roma said...

Your place always looks festive Sister. So do show your photos.

Wilma NC said...

It's cold here too Patty!! We were going to put up a tree today but the weather is bad so maybe tomorrow.