Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am going to catch you

Since daughter had a house fire, we have been watching her puppy. The puppy is named Tinkerbell. Hubby hates to have to go and call her in. Thinks he sounds dumb calling Tinkerbell. I said call her Tink and he replied more like Tasmanian Devil. She is a live wire and loves to chase behind you grabbing at your leg and then chases the big dog Buster who by the way growls and shows his teeth at her at least a 100 times a day. She does not back down. Brave little girl she was she even crawled into his cage.WOW!!! so today after sh had been outside for a few minutes romping in the snow and chasing the birds up the tree . She came with a charge and started to go in circles trying to catch her tail so funny here is a movie clip of her. Have a great day everyone O am off to do some sewing.


Tudy said...

Our dog used to do that all the time. She has been gone a long time now but I remember that well.

Wilma NC said...

That's funny Patty!! Have fun sewing.