Monday, December 20, 2010

Lost and Found

I am in heaven!! I had misplaced my Bright light since attending the retreat in Ripley W.V. I was searching everyday. Cleaned some of the sewing area  as I was looking. Well tonight or early morning I came across it where I had looked many times!!! In a rolling tote inside my Omni drink bag well protected!! I had wrapped it and stuck it inside the box that has my Bed Risers. In there I also found some Iron Cleaner and the cloths for that. woohoo!!!!!!!!!!  clicking my heels if only I could jump high enough.First thing out of my mouth when I seen it was THANK YOU JESUS!!!! praises to him for the find!
I am off to get some much needed sleep. I will be tired tomorrow. NITERS!!


Wilma NC said...

Glad you found it Patty.

Roma said...

WOW, you really had it hid !!
Glad you found it and I am with you

Carol in E TN said...

I had misplaced my credit card not long ago. I knew that I hadn't lost it outside of the house, but just couldn't find it. I prayed and asked the Lord to show me where to look and he did. PTL and thank you Jesus came out of my mouth too!