Sunday, January 2, 2011

sewing and hoping to get it assembled.

I Have been working on a quilt top called Summer Porch by "Quilt In A Day" company. I have all the blocks sewn and need to get them in the correct position. You know so they are not too heavy on one side or the other, color balance. My two strongest colors in this is the salmon and the browns. So placement will make or brake it. Here is the blocks not in correct order  just pinned on the wall to decide what to do and where to move them. I do like the quilt. Tomorrow is a sew day for me. woohoo!!! I have some of the sashing strips attached and will add them completely around each triangle and then there is a nice rectangle border with the same sashing  it is a very pretty quilt.
 Okay any suggestions I will take seriously and get this done  I hope tomorrow.  Thanks have a great night  Patty


Amy said...

This probably makes me sound like a goofball but I like the way you have the colors laid out now.

Lucy said...

Patty, It looks great. I love the sashing in between.