Thursday, December 19, 2013

I finished something!!

I started this in November and just got it back Tuesday from the quilter. I sewed the binding today and  added my label then a sleeve. Will hang it in my Kitchen and put some of the home made ornaments on it for a photo I just hung some of the flat ones I have
received over the years from friends and groups I belong to. I really love it!!
The pattern is from Cindy Edgerton Designs a nice paper pieced pattern. The pattern can be found at her web shop


Vroomans' Quilts said...

One of our students showed me a picture of this on pinterest (no note of design sorce) THANK YOU - now we can get this pattern for her. I see she has 25 buttons, wouldn't this make a great advent piece.

Mickie said...

Wow Patty Pat, can't believe how big the girls are! WOW WOW WUGSBY! They are growing like weeds!

Love the tree, thanks for the link--is this the 26 inch one? I think it is fantastic and love how you adorned it!


Lucy said...

You have decorated the tree great.
Such tiny pieces to the tree skirt.

Roma said...

Patty tis looks right at home in your house. With this being over 72" high I was wondering if it fit And yep it did..

Sandra :) said...

What an adorable tree, Patty Pat - is that really 76" tall???!?!?! Where'd you hang it in your kitchen - it's hard to tell from that small photo!

Wonky Girl said...

I love it too and thank you for the link ;-)