Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tree and some Leafs

Sorry for the slowdown in my posting. Life has been busy. Today was a good day. Got a new Dyson heater and cooler. The heater works great. Been on a retreat. Came home and started to clean up the sewing arena! Yep that is right the ARENA .Some days I have to put blinders on to go into it and sew. But then I can only stand that so long and have to get at it. We have some good holidays coming up. Turkey day and then Christmas. I think I will decorate the front porch this weekend as it is to be much warmer. only putting lights up for now. Will do the tree and sled later on after turkey gobble day.I will be making a few doll clothes for  a little girl I know.  I found an apron pattern I want to sew up. and of course lots of unfinished quilty things to get at yet. oh well one thing at a time. On my retreat I managed to sew a nice tree here it is  and tomorrow it goes to the quilter lady. It will be so pretty when she is done with it. I have some ornaments I made over the years and I will be hanging them on it. should be a nice duo.Have a good day or evening depending on what time you stopped by. glad you came always love company!!!
this is my rendition of Lori Holt's falling leafs quilt in her Quilty Fun book

this tree is from Cindy Edgerton  it is paper pieced and she has it in several sizes.
I bought the pattern at a vendors show in the Dayton area of Ohio. That was a good time that day


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I do like that tree! Oh, what fun to embellish and decorate.

Lucy said...

The tree is beautiful and also the tree stand.