Monday, August 19, 2013

Long Break

I have had my grand daughters here for 6 weeks and so much was going on like it was hard to  concentrate. I loved being able to spend time with them. The little one Sarah is so sweet she smiles every morning when you say Hi in the morning, a doll. Arsema the older one spent a lot of time with grandma. We played  with play dough and colored and played cars and all sorts of fun things. We sat on the front porch and watched the hummers fight over the feeder. She also played on the big wheel and slide and etc.  Below is a few photos of the grand daughters. My first Allyson and the babes. Arsema chasing the neighbors dog Bella and one of grandpa holding Sarah. I have some friends coming to visit in September. They are coming from Scotland and I am so anxious to see them.  So I am readying the beds for them and we are going to go a quilting retreat as well. I am in charge of it. Love to go to the sewing retreat and visit all my friends. we are a small internet group who have been together over 10 years. and remain close . Great bunch of ladies for sure!!
sorry being so laxly  daisy this past month just been busy. also lost a close friend my neighbor gal Heather, she was a sweet lady and I admired her a lot . she was paralyzed and in a wheel chair but that never stopped her from trying things. She learned to sew and drive again and went back to teaching school . She had a heart attack and that is what she died from. Was looking forward to going to work in her new job and making another quilt. what a gal for sure!
Hugs to you all   Patty
                                                         Arsema chasing dog
Sarah enjoying gramps


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I figured you were busy with summer and family. Your next bunch of visitors sounds like fun. Sorry for your loss, too.

Mickie said...

It's been a busy summer for all of us! Your granddaughters--all three of them--are adorable! What a wonderful 6 weeks to have them all at home with you!
Sorry you have lost your friend. Hugs and hugs, Mickie

Sandra :) said...

Oh those adorable GIRLS! I can't believe how much the babies have grown - Sarah and Arsema look so much alike, and look so much like Hiwot! I bet Allyson was a big help with the littler ones - I bet it was a busy but fun 6 weeks :D So sorry about your friend Heather though :(

Lucy said...

The girls are so cute and the time you spent will be great memories.
Glad you can get back to stitching.

Kim said...

Nothing better to ease your sorrows than a visit from the grandchildren.

I hope you have a blessed Fall,
Happy Sewing