Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Year Of Doll Quilts

                                                                      to Sharon 4/2012
from Sharon 4/2012
Lizzie 5/2012
from Lizzie 5/2012

to Jennifer 6/2012
From Jennifer 6/2012

to Mary Pat 7/2012

from Mary Pat 7/2012
to Trish 8/2012
from Trish 8/2012
To Kris 9/2012

from Kris Young 9/2012 

to Mary Chow 10/2012

from Mary Chow 10/2012
to Loretta C 11/2012
from Loretta C. Nov/2012

to Joni R 12/2012

from Joni R. 12/2012

to Vickie S 1/ 2013
from Vicki S. 1/2013
To Lee Hayes 2/2012
from Lee Hayes 2/2012
to Sheri St 3/2013
from Sheri S. 3 /2013
All Of the ones for the 1st year of swapping thanks everyone I have enjoyed it immensely.
I have 2  new ones and 3rd due this month Will keep the photos in order if I can 


Lucy said...

Such a great display they are beautiful each one. I like the bunnies. so cute

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is a super mini show! Lovely documentation.

Barbara Stanbro said...

What fun to see them all llike this!

Mickie said...

Love this post! Sooooo inspiring, what a fun way to look at them! :)
Hugs, Mickie

Roma said...

Nice mini show Sister. And I will say this- you do beautiful work!!

Do you plan on staying the swap? Just curious..