Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas One and All

I want to wish those who celebrate a Merry Christmas!I am having some of my family here tomorrow  and some could not come as the miles are too many and the $ too few.They will be here in spirit.
Stay safe , healthy, happy and warm this joyous time  for us.also want to share a picture of a gift i mad for my great grandson Blaze
I saw these on the Internet in a DIY and decided to make them for  Blaze. I am sure he will love them.
His dad was a fan of these  turtles when he was a small boy. his daddy has some older toys  of them . It is nice to see that he too likes these guys. Put on a smile and enjoy all that you  are able to do . 
Merry Christmas   HUGS patty

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