Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

This is a tough time for me most years, I just wish I had my mother to share it with. But I do not. What a lovely lady she was. Sometimes it is hard to read to the cards and I cry ,but I too am a mother and grandmother. and a great grandmother.  I see my Mom's picture and my Dad's on my staircase wall each day. I also see my hubby's mother and father. I say hello to them most mornings as I pass down the stairs.What great parents they all were. My mom had a favorite song it was by Patsy Cline "Walking After Midnight". I had it on the page ,When I had a page on Geo Cities I had a tribute to her and all the deceased loved ones in my family I miss each and everyone of them, but Mothers are very special people! Tomorrow is a special day for all Mothers and I wish each of you the best day you can have. May you receive all the love that you can on this special day. I will post a picture of My mom and MIL tomorrow morning.
 For now I am planning my trip to Washington to see my new grand daughter, Arsema daddy sent this cute video of her  I am so anxious to see her and hold her. Here is Arsema rock'in out

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Mickie said...

Well she is going to be rolling over in no time! I know what you mean about missing your Mom. My Nana practically raised us and this is the first year she is gone. It doesn't seem possible. Focusing on the next generation really helps though, doesn't it?
Happy Mother's day my dear friend! Hugs, Mickie