Friday, April 29, 2011

Doing some updating

Spent the afternoon yesterday looking at wall papers for our kitchen and some for the 1/2 bath.
 I think I have settled on a couple. Here is what I think we will be putting up in our kitchen and eating area. I think the white with the small leaf sprigs will be on the upper 2/3rds and the plaid will be along the bottom  the plaid will also go under my cabinets and behind the stove and fridge the tiny white leaf will be on the soffit. My border will be as you see in the old just under the windows. I have 4 windows and they are back to back  in the corners. Wondering now what type of window treatment I want do, you have any ideas for me? Thanks for checking in on me today. 


Trish said...

You know that I really like this. I do have a book of window treatments if you would like to borrow for ideas. I have used several from the book.

Mickie said...

Love these wallpapers! I like country curtains catalog and also country porch curtains. I'm not sure I would go with a pattern as you have already have some with the plaids. I do know of a white curtain and country curtains that has honeybees in it...kinda goes with the gardening theme without being over the top. Keep us posted as to what you decide!
Hugs, Mickie