Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Very Busy Few Days

 Well,have been very busy and happy too. Have had the kitchen and our 1/2  bath  repapered. They look wonderful. Love the colors and am so anxious to get the new curtains made for the windows. My time is running a tad short. On May 30th I get to fly to Washington state and meet my new grand daughter for the first time. I am so thrilled to be going. She was born on March 14th and will turn 3 months while I am there.!! Can't believe it  she is growing way too fast.I think she will be at a good age to be able to reach  and begin to play a little bit. Such a sweetie she is.
I am going to post a few photo's of the new paper and let you see why I am so happy! Last year I bought some Hazel Atlas dishes and they will go great with the new paper Had not thought about until yesterday They are yummy together. Without futher ado here are the photos.  Better photos coming    Thanks for coming by. 

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tiami said...

how is everything going?
bet you long for monday ;-)
must feel great to hold Arsema in your arms for the first time.

Tina / Sweden