Friday, May 13, 2011

Arsema talking to Daddy

Well my new grand daughter is chatting with daddy a little bit this morning. I am so tickled to be going out to spend some time with them all. Here is her talking to daddy so cute. love how she leads him on then does what he wants. Haha
Wanted to say my hubby is doing great on the Jeorge Cruise eating plan. He has had trouble off and on with esophagus and the Dr. told him to get this book and it would be his bible for the next month. He is doing well. has lost about 12-13 lbs and now waist has lost a total of 5 inches. fantastic!! way to go Charlie my dear. Love you!!


Roma said...

Sister she is just so darn cute!! I know you will have fun with her and will hate to leave..

tell Charlie I said, wtg!! I'm sure he feels better too..

Lucy said...

So little to be talking to daddy. Proud Daddy how smart your little one is. So cute and smiling at you.