Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tis finished

Hello I have finally finished this heart quilt it turned out really cute.I am really pleased with it.. Had a guild meeting on Monday  and the man who I had do the quilting had it done gave it back to me . I was thrilled and I went to work on the binding right away. I got the pattern from the blog "A Little Bit Biased".
She had done it for the MBS  named "Candy Hearts" and I was hooked."
 I am now going to concentrate on the kitchen to have it ready for the paper hanger on Monday.
Going to Shiloh tomorrow with my neighbor . We are going to stop at a place to eat Lyn Way and then on to the quilt shop  Country Fabrics she is looking for a fabric. I was invited to ride along LOL
Should be a fun day I just love to PICK cotton!!!!!!!!!
Chat later i am still locating my two photos I wanted to post  before so stay tuned 


Sandra :) said...

I "heart" your quilt, QW!

Wonky Girl said...

Very cheerful cute quilt :)

Marianne said...

Very nice.