Sunday, February 1, 2009

the BIG Game Day

Well it is finally here, the big game. Now come one AZ and show your stuff to the east coast. You can beat them just play like you have your heart in it! This last play where Steelers stole the ball and ran to the touchdown goal post wah!!!!!
Not much sewing today. I have tried to settle in on a couple of things and can do it now.SOOOO I will try again later on. I wanted to get the sewer's wallet made I have it all cut out and etc. I have to be able to focus on what I am doing.But have had a headache again today and it is pounding like pressure behind my left eye.
I will be back later on to post more,for now it is off to rid my self of the pain in the head LOL


Wilma NC said...

I'm rooting for Arizona too Patty.

Mickie said...

Patty, your headaches are really worrying me. Are you going to talk to your doctor soon? Me worried bout you :(
Hoping you feel better soon. CALL THE DOCTOR!!!!

Roma said...

Patty,I was bummed with the turn out of the SB too.
As your friend Mickie said, tell your doctor about this!!
Love you sister.