Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sewing class

Finally home I had a sewing class this morning with my guild. I was making log cabin blocks for a sweatshirt jacket. I have all my blocks sewn and will continue with it tomorrow I hope. I then came home unloaded the sewing things and grabbed the tassimo coffeepot , Off to Mansfield I go to return it as it did not work. I went to the store and got a refund then asked if they would check the other one out for me. NO they could not do that!! So I said i will buy it take it to my sisters and see if it works. If it did not I would be returning it pronto!!
Got to her house and we loaded it up with water and a couple coffee packets and had a good cup of coffee. We talked for a while and she said oh!!! I have something for you went to the other room and came out with a beautiful old appliqued quilt!!
I am in love you know!! she saidHappy Birthday and hope you like it.Then proceeded to tell me she got it for 2 dollars I am even in more in love than before what a deal!!! here it is I know it is not perfect but gtorgeous to me none the less . We had a good visit. She has recently stopped smoking and I always congratulate her on that!!!


Wilma NC said...

Nice Patty!!! My birthday went by virtually unnoticed this year except for Roma and Jack. Dave even forgot to get me a card even though we went out for dinner, lol. That's a great quilt Jo found. She can always find something.

Mickie said...

Happy Birthday Patty Pat! Your quilt is wonderful. That quilt is a stunner, love the interior applique because it is really unique and wonderful. I would say your sis has an eye! Hugs!