Sunday, February 22, 2009

an Oldie but good

The picture above is of myself in the bright blue blouse sitting oh so straight
on the chair. My friend Janice is the lady across the table from me. Janice has passed on but I was one who helped her get started in quilting. She was a good woman. The star quilt behind us was one of the classes they offered. I took this class in Flagstaff AZ at the Yavapi College Campus . The lady in the navy blue top was a twin. She and her sister both attended this and they were extremely good sewers.,straight arrow seams. I was just learning to cut with a rotary cutter and sewing pieces on the sewing machine instead of by hand. I believe they still hold these retreats today there. This was the first and I had gone in 1985 very long time ago. I am as in love with quilt making now and as was when I took my first class in 1978!!


Mickie said...

Patty you are so pretty, I like you in blue :) Funny---the memories that photos can bring to us. Can you believe the kinds of fabric available to us now versus the 1970s? Unbelievable!

Wilma NC said...

Look at that nearly brown hair!!! You are so cute, lol.