Friday, December 19, 2008

long cold day

I have been busy trying to finish the dinning room. I did get the last of the carpet cleaned. I have the table and chairs ready to go back and then put the pretties on the table. I went to the outlet mall with hubby and then to Wooster to look at a few things. We decided we are having Honeybaked Ham for Christmas dinner. We looked a few printers, some laptops and then also looked at some furniture. Oh we also checked out the new phones like the Blackberry Storm. Not going to buy any of them for now just looking.
I have been sewing on a set of placemats. When they are finished I will post a photo of them for you to see. Tomorrw is another day in the stores. Mainly to get the food and a couple more gifts. I am going to make a couple pecan pies and some cookies for sure!!
I will check back in tomorrow evening. thanks everyone happy shopping,
cold here in Ohio


Sandra :) said...

Are you getting a laptop, Patty, or is it for hubby? I love mine - I would never go back to a desktop computer now - laptops are soooooooooooooooo convenient, lol.

Wilma NC said...

Cookies. I wanted to make some, but since we had all of our company at Thanksgiving, there would be no one to eat them but me, lol.