Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Play

This is my only Grand daughter Ally. She is such a nice young girl. Tonight she and the others shinned in the play. It was a very good play. They all performed well. The skit was great! All about how many names GOD goes by thoughout the BIBLE . It lasted about an hour and was very entertaining. They served donuts water and coffee afterwards to those who wanted to join in the eating area. We left and went to McD's for coffee and cookies. I think there may have been about 300 or more people there what a nice crowd. (at the play not MC D's).
There will be a couple other pictures of the group and then one of her older brother CJ he is a cutie too. A very nice young man.

Allyson and some of the girls
the whole group
CJ older brother a handsome fellow
I did finish the 3 rd tea towel for my daughter. they are all so cute this last one has a cabin appliqued on it and smoke coming out the chimney. Really cute. I will posta picture of it later on!

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Mickie said...

Your grandkids are beautiful especially that lovely Ally! :) Merry Christmas everyone!