Friday, January 20, 2012

A Rustic Retreat

Started a new quilt for my daughter, Michelle. It is called Rustic Retreat. I did not have the panel they used but I did have some fabric with an all over print of her favorite animal the MOOSE.

So I used it in place of the panel. I fussy cut the squares and tonight I began sewing the other blocks in the quilt. There are stars and bear paw blocks. I have 5-6 of the stars made and one lonely bear paw in blue. I am posting the picture of the moose blocks and the pattern and then I will post what I got sewn tonight. So for the beginning here is the sewing I was able to do last night. The quilt behind it is one I made  last year or two years ago but only finished sewing the top together this past weekend. It is called Arrowhead and came out of a magazine I had . the two blocks on the far side are birthday blocks from a yahoo group I am in. I received two more of them today.
the picture below is the sewing I got done tonight. It shows one of the star blocks and then the quilt top as it is progressing. I have sewn one blue bear paw and there are 4 of them plus 8 green bear blocks to make yet. Anyway I am thrilled over it. Daughter came by tonight and she likes it! I was almost certain she would. Snow is still coming down  and we are going to get socked oh well we had a warm and friendly winter up until now HA HA. Stay warm all and thank you so very much for stopping by today . Hope to get more sewing in tomorrow. night for now


Monica said...

very nice!

Sandra :) said...

At the rate you're going, Patty Pat, the Rustic Retreat top will be done this month - your daughter will love it!

quilter000 said...

Thanks I am working away on it. Going pretty good too.

Roma said...

Shelly will treasure the quilt when it is done. Very nice thus far.
Keep the machine humming..